Newsletter: February 10, 2018

Hello all,

I hope that this finds everyone enjoying the weekend?  A good week too I hope.  Things were busy here and we had really a lot of snow, and cold this week.  Not really typical for us.  I have a number of articles from this week: Host info report, Setting up a new vSphere host, and failed to index guest file system. I also did some small updates on the Linux template, and Windows 2016 template articles. I also got the Linux based VMware software download tool working again, and in fact - with some help from Edward improved it too.  Very handy to get everything easily downloaded.

I had some comments about my Host info Report article.  Mostly from Veeam ONE customers who did not know ONE could do that.  I have a few more articles under way on ONE that I hope will show unexpected value to you in the same way.

BTW, I had some trouble with Skye this week.  It was always connecting and never finishing.  People could Skype me, but I don’t think my text went to them.  So I logged out of it, and logged back in and that solved it.  Odd. The non-S4B Skype I use is normally pretty darn solid.  I need it desperately for all the times S4B stops working!

Lots to share this week - I think I say that a lot - right? But, regardless, lets get started. Wait.  Update.  Not a lot to share but still I hope something for everyone!

Have a great week,


HyTrust Security Response for Spectre and Meltdown
Any customers of HyTrust should have gotten this week an email with all the products and their remediation listed. I only have CloudAdvisior in my lab and that was an easy patch.

Want to do vSAN?  But not sure where to put VCSA when vSAN is not running?
You can learn all you need to know in this article, or this short video or this long video. BTW, the answer is Easy Install. Thanks Jase!

Storage vMotion and the method is disabled by VM-XXXXXXX
Mike has a problem, and solution type story that is good to share. Always good to know this sort of thing as it is likely to happen to others!

Deploying Kubernetes with vRealize Automation
In this article - which is quite interesting - you can learn how to deploy Kubernetes with vRA.  Good info.

How to configure “Connect using SSH” for Linux virtual machines with vRA 7
If you are deploying Linux VMs via vRealize Automation then this article will help you have a Connect using SSH in the portal.  Very handy!

vCloud Director Tenant UI: Dude …. Where is my VM Web Console?
Anthony reminds everyone that there is a VM Web Console in the HTML5 UI of vCD 9.0. Good that Anthony is reminding everyone but this is an excellent example of a UI failure.

Automate WSUS on Windows 2016 Server Core
This interesting article helps you get Server Core working and then getting WSUS working.  Pretty good stuff and certainly a good help with keeping all your machines patched!

Microsoft Writing Style Guide Released
This is quite interesting - Microsoft has released their writing style guide.

The Single reason why HCI vendors do Not Like to provide Best-in-Class Protection for your Data
Andre has a very good read that I think pretty good indeed. I think it is most horrible if vendors push a particular configuration that makes them more money but yet reduces protection for customers.

Per VM license in Veeam products
You can learn more about the switch that Veeam has made in this article.  This is a big change and yet I expect the technical side of it to be pretty smooth.

Azure Stack hybrid cloud consistency protection with Veeam
Hal has an article that talks about Azure Stack and Veeam and has some good info.

StarWind Virtual Tape Library (VTL) for Veeam and AWS further details
Interesting story, and quite a good idea I think for protecting your data.

What to Expect for Containers in 2018
Trevor has an article about what might happen with containers in 2018 and I think he has some good ideas. I have not played with containers yet but soon.  I have more resources in the lab to have things running.

The discrimination problem: Why putting low-yield Nuclear Weapons on Submarines is so Dangerous
This is not the typical article I share but I thought it was quite interesting and it has a very good point.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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