Host Info Report - thanks to Veeam ONE

I was talking with a Veeam customer recently and I mentioned I used a PowerShell tool to get inventory reports - we were talking about Spectre / Meltdown remediation.  The customer was not into PowerShell but they had Veeam ONE.  So I had an idea - could we do this with ONE? I was sort of sure the already prepared, or sample reports, did not have the info we needed:

  • Host name
  • version
  • build
  • BIOS version
  • Manufacturer

So I figured it out.

So this is what we needed. Lets see how I did that.

  • Log into the ONE Reporter UI.
  • Change to the Custom Reports folder.

  • Now lets select Custom Infrastructure.  You can see it above on the right side.
  • Once you select Custom Infrastructure you will see where we need to get creative.

  • At the top we see the Scope is Virtual Infrastructure.  I want a report of all my servers so that is not necessary to change as Virtual Infrastructure means all my hosts. It is easy to change as necessary.
  • The next choice is to click on the Click to choose in the Object type area.

  • We want to select vSphere Host System.
  • Next we want to select Click to choose in the Columns area. We want to then select the information we want displayed.

  • You see above that I have scrolled through the list of Available column contents and added the appropriate items to the Selected side.  What I have above will provide the necessary info.  Lets hit OK to continue.
  • If we want to group by manufacturer you can by using the Group by option.
  • You can also filter out things if you need to.
  • In the bottom right you see an option to Save as this report to your My Reports folder to it can be scheduled or executed later.  But we will use the Preview button.
  • You will see the report that we created is the same as my screenshot at the top of the article.
  • At the very top of the page you see a control bar.

  • Note the Export button (the little disk)?  You can use it to get a PDF to print.


So we have the report now I mentioned.  But, I think you have seen the power of custom reports.  There is a lot you can do here. And this report of version, build and firmware is handy when you are planning upgrades.


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