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A very busy week for me, and so I have a few started blog articles I never finished.  I hope to catch up soon . I also was able to retire three hosts out of my lab, and bring in two new ones.  So much smaller, quieter, and use way less electricity, and in fact have much more memory and 2x 10 GB ports to boot.  So pretty nice.  As a result I have updated my setting up Supermicro hosts article.  I really like these hosts! In fact the three hosts I took out, and replaced with these two, has upset the heating in my office.  I am freezing now more often and actually have to turn on heat.  Never had to do that before!

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Backing up Virtual Volumes
You can see in this article the companies that can back up virtual machines hosted in virtual volumes.  I would like to add that Veeam does it too and has done it for quite some time.  There is no Direct SAN support – and likely won’t be, but the fact is HotAdd and Network mode are pretty speedy, especially over 10 GB network.

Using a vSphere custom TCP/IP Stack for iSCSI
Duncan reminds us and shared with us some good info on the use of TCP/IP stacks. Mostly I do not change the stack.

vSphere Upgrade Saga: HPE Storevirtual Upgrades go bad
Edward has an interesting upgrade story.  I always like to hear these as I hope I can learn from them and not have interesting upgrade stories myself.  Doesn’t seem to work for me as I do get those interesting upgrade stories happening to me on occasion.

Whatever Happened to VVols?
An interesting article that attempts to answer the question about what happened to VVols. I think that there are some good points. I also think I see more interest in them now, and maybe adoption is going to grow.

Changing advanced vSphere FT related settings, is that supported?
Duncan has an interesting article about how it is legit to change FT settings.  Good things to know if you are going to work with FT.  Which is an interesting and useful feature that not so many people use.  Too bad.

Uploading / running utilities directly on ESXi hosts
This very interesting article is about helping you understand if you have an particular issue on your hosts.  But if you are an NSX shop it may be very useful for you, but also, a good script example of executing things on ESXi consoles.

Alerting on “Bootbank” cannot be found at path ‘/bootbank'” in vRealize Operations
The combination of Log Insight and vRealize Operations is powerful and there is a very good chance it will continue to improve.  A great example of what is possible is seen in this article. I was lucky a while back to meet Christian and his wife and have a great chat.  Very nice people and Christian shares some great stuff on his blog – thanks!

PowerCLI beta
With PowerShell Core being GA a few weeks back there is now PowerCLI in beta.  Find out more in this very brief article but make sure to read the info as there are some important things to be aware of.

PowerCLI and Microsoft Defender issues?
If you are lucky, you did not run into this, and your Defender has been updated to 1.26.459 or later and you don’t have an issue.  If you did get hit, do a Install-Module VMware.PowerCLI and that should fix things.  If it doesn’t you likely have an issue with PowerShellGet and you can get help fixing that issue in this article.  BTW here is an article about the original issue.

Troubleshooting Port Connectivity for Horizons UAG 3.2 using Curl and Tcpdump
If you need to learn about troubleshooting the UAG you can learn more about that in this article. The UAG can be a little tough to troubleshoot and so this is good info.

What’s New in VMware Horizon 7.4 & Horizon Client 4.7
You can learn more about this new version in this article.  There is some very good stuff in this release – very curious to see how the collaboration turns out. It also includes a problem with PCoIP and the View agent.  So I have delayed the update in my lab.  I am using the client 4.7 with no issues though with 7.3.1.

vSphere Upgrade Saga: Linux VMware Software Manager (VSM)
In this article Edward talks about the VSM utility and I really like it.  A very nice VMware Software download tool, and also it is upgraded often and it is very easy for you to update.  So very handy and dependable.

Working with Veeam in VMware on AWS
You can find a useful Veeam KB article to help in this environment, as well as some VMware info related to Veeam.

Veeam Powered Network: Azure and Remote Site Configuration
Anthony has an interesting article about an interesting new feature – Veeam Recovery to Microsoft Azure featuring Veeam Powered Network.  This is powerful and quite useful in a crisis if you are an Azure shop.  But the Veeam Powered Network tool – Veeam PN is what we call it, can be useful in many other ways – for example when there is no Azure.  Next week, I am going to configure it as emergency access to my home lab for example. You can learn a bit more about Veeam PN in this article.

Best practices from Veeam support on using tape
If you do Veeam and tape you can learn more about how to do it best in this article.  Or, just learn about about tape and Veeam.

Quick to the Point – A specified parameter was not correct Spec.VMPROFILE in Veeam
An interesting problem and solution from Mike that is a good thing to watch out for!

Veeam: Veeam magnets, Visio shapes with magnets, ready to be used on whiteboards in the Real World
A nice article that will will help you make some pretty neat magnets to help your Veeam diagrams on whiteboards.

The Mysterious Case of The Failing Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 Jobs
Matt has an interesting article about what happens when you move VBO365 to a new server.  There is often issues when you do that – and I have lived through a few.  But it is nice that Matt has documented his issues so that others may avoid. And, try and avoid this situation if you can!

Tintri vSphere Web Client Plug-in Update
We can see in Chris’s article that the Tintri has updated their vSphere Web Client plug-in.  I understand a lot of people don’t use vSphere Web Client plug-ins but you really should.  It is very handy to have capability for your storage management in the same place you spend a lot of time.  Very good stuff.

Backblaze Hard Drive Stats for 2017
I really like the products that Backblaze has and I use it to protect my wife’s and my Macs but I also find them an interesting company, and I love seeing each year the hard drive stats.  Some good info if you are shopping for a few hard drives.

Cisco drops a mega-vulnerability alert for VPN devices
You can learn about this issue in this article, but good to see that Cisco has workarounds and a patch available for this issue since it was public.

Word to WordPress
Michael has a nice article about how he can use Word to prepare his blogs, and let Word push the article – with pictures too – up to WordPress. There used to be a Microsoft app that could do this but it is long gone.  I often use Evernote to do the quick draft and copy and paste to WordPress.  I have also used the WordPress offline tool, and that didn’t go well.  So Michael shows off a nice tool.  And if you use 2FA for accessing your blog that looks like it doesn’t work but there is a workaround I hear (via twitter).

Career Certification Strategy
Some good suggestions in this article about certifications and your career. It is a little similar to my own career and certs.

HomePod vs. Amazon Echo vs. Google Home Max vs. Sonos One: Speaker showdown
Here is an interesting comparison of speakers and pretty good info, and it is useful if you are thinking of the HomePod. I am.  I want one.

The Apple Cash FAQ
In this interesting article I learned a lot about Apple.  Not about cash but about other things about Apple and I am very impressed.  Cool info.

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