Failed to index guest file system. mlocate was not found

Hi all,

As I have mentioned before, I am working on a small white paper that is a proof point about making Veeam Backup & Replication work with vRealize Automation.  Lots of fun actually, but I have been pushing out Linux machines as part of a vRA request and they get automatically backed up.  Very nice.  But recently I saw an error.

I love these emails, and of course I do not like the yellow ones.  Green rules.  So how do we fix this error?  My Linux template was built carefully.  I documented in this article. I thought I had the most common and useful things in the template but it turns out I do not.  The tool or utility mlocate is not installed.  Veeam needs that to be installed when, during a backup, you index a Linux VM. Indexing is nice when you want to restore files rather than a VM. And in our vRA portal I want to have end users able to restore their VM or restore files.  So need to fix this.

So today we are going to fix this issue. The command we execute on our template is:

yum -y install mlocate

I get a lot of things flash by, including a comment about the age of my cache.

And now we see mlocate is installed.  Nice.  That was easy for a change. No more error message.


=== END ===

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