This console has a pre-release version… uninstall .. but it won’t!

Hi all,

I am home from traveling and trying to clean up lab stuff.  Before I need to be social and ready for New Years Eve.  So first thing I do fails.  I am on my View desktop, which is Windows 10, and I try and use the Veeam B&R console. I had forgotten I had updated my B&R server to Update three but had not updated the Veeam B&R console on my desktop.  But when I start the Console, and thinking I will be prompted to updated something else happens.

So now, you may be thinking why is Michael doing a blog on this?  Just uninstall the beta console and install a GA version.  Of course, if that had worked, there would be no article.  But I try and do the uninstall.

As you can see I have a problem.  My GoogleFu was very strong, but at first I found nothing to help.  But then I found - by accident something that mostly does.  So here we go.

  • Open a command prompt on the desktop, and make sure it is admin.
  • Execute the following command:

wmic product list brief > installed.txt

  • In the installed.txt file you will find program names, IdentifyingNumbers, Name, Vendor and version.
  • What we need is the IdentifyingNumber value.  You will copy and paste it - for each installed Veeam program - to the command line.
  • To use the number see the example below.

msiexec /x {weird long number}

  • For what I did you can see it below.

  • Now, you need to remove the following folders:
    • C:\Program Files\Veeam
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Veeam
    • C:\ProgramData\Veeam
  • After this is done, now restart.
  • You will not have any Veeam components in your Add Remove programs and you can in fact install the console now.

I got a lot of help from this article that helped me with my article! Also, I got into this position due to mixing beta and not beta in the same lab.  At one point I had installed a beta console on my desktop.  Won’t do that again.

Hope that this helps,


=== END ===

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