How to produce a Veeam Support Bundle - and be conservative!

Hello there,
I was recently talking with some Veeam customers who wanted to be more conservative with their Veeam updates. This is something I also heard from VMware customers too. I know that Veeam works very hard to have safe and easy upgrades so there is not much to improve on. But you can still be conservative too.

So what I am talking about is to first make sure your backups, and restores work. That is seriously job 1. Once that is good you can do a Veeam Support bundle. And make sure it is for all jobs and for at least a few days back. Next, you do the upgrade. Then log into Veeam, and let the upgrades complete - especially remote. I love that feature. Once the upgrade is done, do another Veeam Support bundle. Again for all jobs and for two days back. This will make sure if you have an issue in a day or two, you will have a log bundle for Veeam Support when things are good, and a log bundle for after the upgrade that might be useful.

But not sure about Veeam Support bundles? I can help with that!

We start in the Veeam UI.

We select the hamburger, and see a variety of options. We want to chose the Help option.

Once we chose the Help option we see a few choices.

We want to select the Support option.

Once we select the support option we start to see where we can export our logs as a bundle.

Make sure to select Export all logs.

Now you can select the time period.  In our specific case only a couple of days is fine.

Now, we select where to create the logs.  Once we Apply we will have a log bundle.  It may take a few minutes or longer to create.

Support will sometimes ask you to make specific decisions when you create your log bundle, but in our case today we are only being conservative and hope we don’t have to talk to support.  But if you do you have both before and after logs to help them out.

Hope that this helps,


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