Where is my Veeam Agent for Windows UI?

Hi all,

Update: 2/23/19 - this no longer works.  I am using v3 of the agents and Update 4 of Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5. I am investigating.

I updated my Veeam Backup & Replication server to Update 3 yesterday. I was curious about the agent management, so I right clicked on my existing agent job and moved it to a new protection group, and edited the job.  All easy.  Then when it tried to apply the config to the agent there was an error about licensing.  Oops.  I was going from free to licensed without applying the license. So I went to the Enterprise Manager and added the license.  Sort of cool in that now it has a Agent for Windows and Agent for Linux license area - once you apply the license.

So now it could apply the config successfully.

But wait, I want to trigger a backup now and not wait for the schedule.  So I look for the agent UI on the machine and it is gone.

There are several guidelines here we should know:

  • Free agents cannot be managed by VBR policy.
  • Agents that are managed by VBR have no UI at first.

So to get the UI back, you need to change to the Inventory view, and select the management group, select your job, and the Rescan button.  In my case the management group is called Windows.

A dialog will pop up, and take a few minutes to finish, and then you will have a UI on that remote machine - no reboot necessary.  You will be able to use it to trigger a backup, but much of the config will not be editable but will show a message about how the application is managed by your system administrator.

This is a very quick article as I hit this problem, and I heard several others have.  If it is not clear enough, or you think it needs more detail let me know.


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2 thoughts on “Where is my Veeam Agent for Windows UI?

  1. I have noticed the tray icon missing as well. I’ve re-scanned the protection group as well as the device and rebooted the device. I have also attempted to run veeam.endpoint.tray.exe from c:\program files\veeam\endpointbackup to an avail. I recieve a message that states “unable to compolete the action becasuse this backup agent is centrally managed by your system admin. Any ideas here, am i missing something? Additionally have you found a way to trigger an on-demand backup from the B&R console for a protected workstation, or how to convert a current agent backup chain to be fully managed?

    1. Hi Bryan,

      You can right click on the backup job for the remote VM. You can move it to a managed group, and then edit it and see new options. After that is done you can apply. Will need to then license, and then do a Rescan and you should have a UI back. I have not figured out yet how to trigger or force a backup of a protected workstation. I know that my words are not as good as pictures. In the next few days, or over Christmas I will do a more detailed article.

      If you do not want to wait for me - I understand, you can always call support. They would love to help - and I mean it, I know a bunch of them!


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