Newsletter: November 25, 2017

Hello all,

First, I need to apologize.  I talked to WordPress about an issue.  No search on mobile was my issue.  The solution was - before I could change my mind or stop things, a new theme.  I will skip all the other issues but I ended up with another theme - worst part was I could not go to my original as it was retired and not able to be selected or used any longer. And now, this second new theme has most of what I need. I wish I was able to hide all silliness that from you, but I was not. I think things are stable now, and I have the features I need.  So hopefully no more changes.

Another quick week.  Next week I am speaking at an event, and demoing the next cool Veeam software (VAO).  The event is called Veeam Availability Roadshow. Hope to see you there!

Yes, the free Veeam Backup & Replication will work in VMWonAWS when it has been updated to Update 3.  Someone was asking me about that and I was able to confirm it. Did you see the announcement that at some point in the near future we will backup IBM AIX and Oracle Solaris? Yes, really.  Find out more here.

I have talked with many people about where I live - Calgary Alberta Canada - and some of you have asked me about Calgary.  I thought I would share this article as it has some good pictures and info about my home City.

Lets get started! Have a great week,


VMware - The Platform of Choice in the Cloud
You likely heard how Microsoft is going to offer VMware hosted in Azure?  And it is not a  joint announcement!  Here is some comments from VMware on it.   BTW, here is the Microsoft article on this.

VMware ESXi Release and Build Number History
If you need to check version numbers of builds in vSphere this is a very useful site.

vCloud Availability: Replication of Powered-off VM
This has been true since vSphere Replication came out - if the VM was off no replication.  I learn why in this article, but I also learn there is a way to force replication.

How to Configure Additional VM Metrics in vCloud Director
This is a nice improvement and very good to know. It is good that end users - or their admins can get additional metrics.

What I wish I knew when I was learning VMware
Some good suggestions for what you could learn from when you are starting out with VMware.

What’s New in VMware NSX 6.3.5?
In this article you can learn about what is new in NSX 6.3.5.  Lots of fixes but also some nice improvements - I like the enhanced logging that can be started without a restart.

New Release: VMware PowerCLI 6.5.4
Kyle has an article that details very nicely what is new in this release and how to consume some of it and how to do the upgrade too.  BTW, I tried doing just the Update-Module to see what would happen.  It updates everything.  Handy.

vCenter (VCSA) and using Let’s Encrypt for SSL Certificates
In this article you can use Let’s Encrypt to provide the certificate for VCSA.  This works, but is not supported.  I had asked around once if I could use Let’s Encrypt cert with vSphere, thinking it might be handy and of course the right cost, but various people told me that it was not really what Let’s Encrypt was designed for.  So this article is interesting and can help you learn in a home lab, but do not do it as a customer site.

Extending a logical volume in a virtual machine running Red Hat or CentOS
I share this article only for those of you who are somewhat knowledgeable about working with Linux disk managers.  I heard the article works if you already know a bit of what you are doing.  I don’t.  I am definitely a junior Linux guy who does not work with disk managers.

SuperMicro VMware Home Lab
An interesting read on what someone has done for his home lab.  Harder for him as he is in Australia but still good info and could be helpful for someone researching their own home lab purchase.

Win a free trip to VeeamON 2018
Learn in this article how you might win a trip to VeeamON.  I hope to be there teaching about the best suggestions around Veeam Availability Orchestrator (VAO) and maybe some cool things around Veeam ONE.

NetApp Storage Cluster Data ONTAP Complete
If you need some NetApp training, this is pretty good stuff I am told.

How to monitor eventlog for ReFS error ID 133
I learned about this when I added to my Log Insight Content Pack the ability to catch ReFS errors.  But in this article it does not require Log Insight so pretty handy info.  And yes, I agree with the author, if you use ReFS for Veeam repository, and I think you should, you should use some sort of monitoring to catch ReFS errors.

The password security tips you need to keep your business safe
I think that this article has some very good ideas - encourage password managers like 1Password, but they have some other good ideas - none of which is that new, but still very worthwhile.

Roads Not Taken: On the Closing of Compuserve’s Forums
Not sure how many of you may have experience with Compuserve.  It was the predecessor of the Internet.  And it was sort of like a grown up version of local bulletin board systems (BBS).  But if you know what it is, or if you played with it, this article may be interesting for you. It was for me.

How to use Dictation: iOS and iPads Plus Apple Watches
This is something that not everyone knows but it does in fact work pretty good.  Apple Dictation is pretty cool - I know several people that use it to send email or messages, and my wife uses it via AirPods to let me know when she is on the way home and getting close.

Two Factor Auth
This web site can help you find applications that support two factor authentication.  It is pretty good to use two factor when you can - it really helps security. In addition it lets you know what kind of two factor security they support. Pretty interesting list of apps!

How to use sudo with Touch ID on your Mac
An interesting article that can enable the ability to use Touch ID when you are going to use sudo in the command line. I use Touch ID for a lot of different things - but I was surprised at this usage.  Cool tip.

I really like my MacBook Pro with Touch ID
I heard some public personalities bashing the MacBook Pro (with Touch ID)  and it really seemed to me that people with no experience might believe them.  They even said they were surprised that Apple was still selling lots of them.  They did not see the significance of the sales.  Here is my story about moving to this most excellent laptop. I changed a little and got a lot back.  I am very happy with this laptop!

iPad Productivity Gets a Boost with iOS 11
An interesting article with lots of details on some of the new features in iOS 11 that are very useful and also a little different. Great info. If you have an iPad and iOS 11 it is very much worth a quick read to make sure you know this stuff.

Thank you Catholic Memorial High School in Boston
Recently a homeless soldier died, and had no one to bury or honor him.  This high school stepped up and took care of both.  Very good to see, and most appreciated. See the story in this article.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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