Newsletter: November 18, 2017

Hello all,

Another busy week.  And it got real cold here too.  Lots of time in the lab working on a new product that hopefully will be out soon.  And Friday tidied up the lab, and cleared out some storage so that I can start work on my next technical white paper (TWP) - I don’t have a snazzy title yet, but it will be about using vRealize Automation with Veeam Backup & Replication.

I have over to my right a Jibo that is not yet running.  Quite excited to get it working. I suspect I will blog about it as I think it pretty cool.  Hopefully will start making it work this weekend but we will see.  And this week Amazon announced that Alexa and Echo’s were going to be available in Canada on December 5.  So that is cool.

I did some articles recently - I got the new DataGravity - now known as Cloud Advisor (from HyTrust) working in the lab.  Very cool stuff - here is an install article and one about finding cool stuff. As well, I wrote almost the first article about the yet to be released Veeam Availability Orchestrator (VAO). You can find all my articles on VAO via this tag where the newer ones will be on top. I also updated my Linux VMware Software Download article. I also did an article about the difficulties I have had with getting 4K HDR working.  If you have suggestions or comments let me know.  And if you are having issues it may be a helpful article!

BTW, the Veeam Vanguard program is open for nominations again.  This is a most excellent program and if you help Veeam out in the public you may want to consider being part of it.  The Slack channel that comes with it is one of the better ones! I was booted from it and I miss it.

Have a great week, and feel free to comment or question any of my articles or newsletters.


Warning - Deploying, upgrading, migrating, or restoring to VCSA 6.5 Ga or U1 fails
A warning in this KB article but really it means to make darn sure you are updated to current. I did - I consider this serious and as a result an update should be planned soonest.

vCenter Server 6.5.0f now GA, as is vCenter Server 6.5 Update 1c
This release (6.5.0f) was out on the 14th.  Here is the release notes.    The most recent 6.5 Update 1 is Update 1c that came out on the 14th.  Here is the release notes for it.

Moving vSAN from one vCenter to an another vCenter
This is something that should not happen often!  But, if you need to move your vSAN vCenter to another vCenter then this article is going to be important.

VMware Updates vCenter Server 6.0 U3c and Other Products
An article that talks about the various product updates - vCenter, SRM, vCD and vSphere Replication.

External replication of vSphere Content Library
I actually thought this excellent article was going to be about configuring your CL to replicate outside of your firewall - with an external source.  But, that’s not it. It is about using CL with other forms of replication and not its own replication.  So very good to know as I bet a lot of customers already have replication in place.

vRealize Network Insight 3.6 now GA
You can find the release notes, and the bits of this new version.  This is big, and powerful software and I think more partners should be familiar with it, as I hear not so many are. I suspect most of my old big customers could use this software.

Log Insight Agent: Excluding Events with Blacklist
Steve talks about how you can exclude events from your Log Insight logs and that is very handy indeed.  Less information being sent over the wire, and less info in your Log Insight searches. Less noise in the searches is always good!

1PasswordX: A look at the future of 1Password in the browser
This is quite powerful, and it means Linux and Chrome users can get the security and power of 1Password.

How to download files via PowerShell
I did not know you could use PowerShell to move files around.   Sort of handy.

Disasters and Data Growth - Predictions for 2018
Rick has some suggestions about what is going to happen in 2018 and I think he has some good ideas.

VeeamON 2018 Call for presentations now open
Actually it openrd on the 7th but I didn’t know.  I very much hope to present there, and I hope to see and meet some of you there too! If you want to submit a session use this link.

Cooking up some Veeam and Chef
You can learn more about using Veeam and Chef in this article.  Pretty handy if you are a Chef shop. Automation is wonderful and very important!

New Veeam Availability Console
You can see the announcement of this new version of VAC, and here is the release notes.  Pretty cool stuff, for both service providers and big companies.  BTW, here is an article by Anthony that is pretty good and talks about how VAC has some good stuff for service providers.

Windows 2016 Storage Replica and ReFS Volumes
Luca has a great article on how he is doing Storage Replica to help a customer improve the resiliency of the backups.  Very cool.

Installing phpIPAM on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS - Control of IPs, VLAN, VRF, IPv6
In a home lab, it is still nice to manage your IP usage and I know in my lab - which is a bit bigger then some that I do need help to manage IP and DNS info.  A spreadsheet is good but not quite enough.  Here is an article that helps you get going a solution that a number of people I know quite like.  It turns out that there is a fair number of people I know using this functionality.  They are quite happy with it.

All About Data Protection - Part 2 How RAID Works Stripes and Mirrors
Howard has an interesting article about RAID. It brings back memories for me as in my PSO career there was lots of RAID chatter.  Good learning if you want to learn a little more about something.

Skype Log View Download - View Logs
This is quite helpful if you need to do some interesting troubleshooting.

Security-First Design
This is an interesting article.  I love how the Nutanix STIG is machine readable, and is compared automatically on a regular basis.  Very proactive and helpful for a customer.

How Soviets used IBM Selectric keyloggers to spy on US diplomats
An interesting bit of history where the Soviets actually bugged typewriters.  Very smart idea.

Physical Theft meets Cybercrime: The Illicit Business of selling stolen Apple Devices
I did not realize that the business of stolen Apple devices was so organized.  But in this article you learn it is big and well organized.  If you lose your Apple device be careful if you hear it is found!

The Beauty of a Log-Structured Filesystem And Why It Gives Open Convergence An Edge Over Traditional Hybrid Cloud Solutions
An interesting article about something I did not know anything about. Very cool tech.

Provision taxing stock options at vesting blocked
I thought that this was very good news for my US based friends and readers. I had a lot of stock options when I was at VMware so if this had occurred, and in Canada, I would have been badly impacted instead of very nicely impacted.

An On-device Deep Neural Network for Face Detection
This article talks about how deep learning is used by Apple and it sure is impressive.  One benefit of a big rich company that thinks good is the research that can be done.  Educational article.

How AV can open you to attacks that otherwise wouldn’t be possible
An interesting article about how you can be attacked and your AV can help the bad guy. Very interesting and I expect that most AV will be patched quick. I still run AV on all my Macs.

iPhone 6 and iOS 11.x
Thanks to Mike Foley I learned that if you are using an iPhone 6 and iOS 11.x and are experiencing performance issues, there is a suggestion from Mike on how to get good performance.  Get on the iOS beta and use the beta of 11.2 and the performance will be better - according to Mike it will be night and day different.

What’s a computer - Apple
This is a nice commercial for the iPad Pro.  Very nicely done like most of these Apple commercials.  BTW, I have the 10.5 iPad Pro, and I agree that the iPad Pro is very useful - often I only use it in a day.  For email, web, writing, and even through the use of View I have done demos on a variety of Veeam software and features. I have watched people doing the same but with things like video tools and yes, games too!

How to use Find My iPhone to rescue your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and AirPods
In this article you can learn how to use Find my iPhone if you don’t already know how.  This is great tech and it is worth knowing how to use.

HomePod: Everything we know about the Apple smart speaker so far
I am looking forward to having one of these.  I have a house full of Sono gear, in fact two zones are live right now, but I believe that for a variety of reason that the HomePod will be a better choice for me.  I am able to order a Echo now - since a couple of days ago, and I will try it out, and as I said I have Sonos, but I think the package that is HomePod will have more features that apply to me.  We will see.  It will be some time before it hits Canada.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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