Newsletter: 5 November, 2017

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I had an interesting week with customers and various VMware R&D meetings, definitely lots of fun and good to be back on the VMware campus – is it ever big and different now. I also spent some time learning about Amazon Web Services and it was pretty interesting – they have a lot of cool offerings. I am soon to be home for maybe three weeks so lots of time in the lab, and a few articles to catch up on too.

I did an article on using an interesting tool to update your local VMware repo with what is current online.  What I like about it is that it will likely get updated more often then the VMware one.  Now if only the source was managed better!  Still old vRA up there, and no View.

For those of you who are playing with the very new Win2K16 1709 version be aware – as it was reported by my Boss in the Veeam forum newsletter, that build supports dedupe in ReFS but, Veeam cannot handle it yet.  So if Veeam is important don’t do the dedupe with ReFS.

VMware has another interesting acquisition that I suspect will turn out very well for VMware customers – I used to know some of the network BU management guys at VMware and they always impressed me.  One of them, actually built a motorcycle from scratch.  Yes, actually from scratch.

Lots to share so lets get started.  I am doing this in the airport (SFO) and we will see how productive I can be. My phone just vibrated and Air Canada (and TripIT) say boarding will start soon.  Of course, I know we don’t have an airplane as I am looking out the window.  So I may get even more done before I leave.

Have a great week!


How VVols impacts storage protocol choices with vSphere
A very nice breakdown of how VVols impacts storage decisions.  Very nicely done.  Thanks!  I prefer personally NFS, but I have both iSCSI and NFS in my lab.  I think I will have to change my opinion and say I prefer VVols instead.

Updating a vSAN Cluster using VUM
Here is an article about updating – using VUM – a cluster to a newer patch version.  I don’t think that vSAN itself changes this process much but it does a little so this article should reassure you if you need that.

Create Secure FTPS server for VMware VCSA 6.5 backups
In this article you can learn about doing secure transported backups of the VCSA.  I would suggest that instead you should backup the VCSA using whatever means you normally do backups.  It is good to have all your backups in one place – even if you immediately make sure they are in another place too.

vSphere and iSCSI storage best practices
Duncan has an article announcing the update he did for the vSphere iSCSI best practices.  They were quite old so it is very good that he has updated them.

vSphere Replication & Multi Point in Time Snapshots
Here is an article about understanding better vSphere Replication and snapshots.  Good info and worth understanding if you use vSphere Replication.

vSAN 6.6 Rebalance & Resync Operations
You can learn more about re-balance and re-sync operations of vSAN in this article.  Good info to know as it can be a surprise when you see some sort of alert.  I also quite like to see all green in the vSAN health!

What every vSphere Admin must know about VMware Tools
In this article you can learn a bit about VMware Tools.  But I will share one thing with you too – if you download VMware Tools yourself, and start using them, you MUST always check VMware Tools compatibility in every upgrade or install after that.  So I suggest you do not download and start using VMware Tools unless you have a very good reason.

Updating OF properties for a VM using vSphere API and PowerCLI
William has an article here that I know can help several of you that I saw on twitter recently.  How to edit OVF properties after an OVA has been deployed. I do not know why sometimes you can edit the OVF properties and sometimes you cannot. But this PowerShell solution is perfect for when that happens.

Cross vCenter Server operations (clone / migrate) between versions of vSphere 6.x
This important article has been recently updated with some changes.  I really like the chart and knowing what works and how.  Nice job.

VAAI Xcopy not being used with Powered-On Windows VM
An interesting article that explains an odd situation and of course there is good learning in the article too.  So, if you want to learn, or if you want to understand why Win2K12 Storage vMotion is slower then similar sized Linux VMs this article will explain well.

vSAN Deduplication and Compression Tips!
John has a good list of things to think about when you consider dedupe and compression in vSAN.

How to check firmware and driver versions of your VMware ESXi server
I used to do the firmware checking that Paul does and shows us in this article.  Very good info, but now I use vDocumentation – which I talk about using in this article, and it appears to find the same info that Paul that Paul was looking for.  He and I have some similar hardware!

VMware Discovery
I see this Discovery in the VMWonAWS UI and wonder what it is – so I am happy to to find this article to explain it!

vRealize Operations Manager 6.6 Diagram
You can find the updated vROps diagram in this KB article.  Very useful for planning implementations and learning more about how it works.

Announcing Version 2.0 of Project Photon OS
This is quite an interesting read for this new version. I am quite impressed with this OS, and how much it has for empowering – mgmt, or containers and yet is secure and small.  Cool stuff.  I think I will play with it soon – you can find the bits here, and what an impressive list of download formats!!

Replicating vRA Templates Easily with Veeam
Chip has an interesting article that will help you get our vRA vSphere templates to a different data center.  Good to know since vRA does not use Content Libraries, as that would be a cool way to move the templates around.

How to explain OpenStack to a complete newcomer
If you want to learn a little about OpenStack you can do it in this article. The adoption of OpenStack is increased, and I am starting to hears a little more about it.  More from very big companies and Service Providers though.

Storage Spaces Direct Overview
I heard some smack down talk recently as a customer got Storage Spaces Direct working so they could get rid of VMware.  Not sure how that relates (to getting rid of VMware) to be honest, but I though I would look around to learn more about S2D. I found this article to be a nice introduction and detailed enough.

vDocumentation, three months in
You can see Ariel talking about the cool product he and Edgar did in this article.  I quite like this tool, and I use it – in fact I shared with you in this article how much I like it and how to make it work.

Kubernetes Introduction for VMware Users – Part 1: The Theory
Hany has a great article about Kubernetes and it is good info indeed.  If you want to learn more about Kubernetes this article will help a lot.

BIOS Settings HP DL380 Gen10 for VMware vSphere ESXi
Approximately 10 or 11 years ago I was a professional services guy.  At that time I had a couple of favorite computers – one was the DL580 and the other was DL380 so it was cool to see this article about the BIOS settings  in the HP DL380.  Happy it is still around!

watchOS 4.1 Delivers on promised features
In this article you can learn a little more about watchOS 4.1.  There are new features – such as syncing your Health data with certain kinds of gym machines. Which would be handy for me but very little chance my gym will get any of those!  There are some security patches in this OS release – including for KRACK.  BTW, I updated my watch with no issues.  Same process as always, and about the same amount of time.  And yes, still longer then iPhone or iPad updates.

How to change your Apple ID, contact info, and security questions
I had to help someone with this recently and so I thought it might be good to share this article out for everyone else.

1 Password 7 for iOS
A new version of 1Password is out.  Very handy improvements actually.  I really like this software and recommend it strongly.  Feel free to reach out to me if you want to learn more or need a demo.

Creating your own PowerShell Repository with Nexus 3
Very interesting article that can help you have your own PowerShell repo that is pretty cool.

PowerShell: Creating Login Banners
If you are auditing what people are doing with PowerShell, you may need to have a login banner to warn them.  And you can learn how in this article.  In a security course I did once one module in it was all about login banners – it was interesting to learn all the different places they need to be – and now we can do it in PowerShell!

Two iPhone X reviews
One that is a little less in this one, and one that is a little more in this one.  I can say I am still very happy with my iPhone 8, but the X is pretty darn cool.

Best-ever algorithm for huge streams of data
Massive and fast moving streams of data is not something I have thought much about.  But I can see how it would be difficult to deal with, and the bigger, and the faster, the harder. But, it turns out someone has figured this out and all is good.

Flight Paths and Great Circles – or Why You Flew over Greenland
I have heard people ask this question, not always about Greenland, but sometimes – in the past about Gander.  But in this old article it talks about why.

Apple Releases macOS 10.13.1, and iOS 11.1 with a KRAC fix and new emoji
You can find out more more in this article. The updates were easy to do and seemed minor, but lots of security fixes – true for watch, computer and iPad / iPhone – I have done each of them – except for the watch, multiple times with no issues. Here is more details on watchOS 4.1, tvOS 11.1, macOS 10.13.1, and iOS 11.1.  Here is my very brief note on the upgrade of my iOS devices.

iPhone X Tricks: 16 ways to do more faster
This article might be useful if you have an iPhone X as it has some good shortcuts and suggestions.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far!


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