Moving to my new Apple Watch

Hello everyone,

I did get the Series 5 watch - wanted new health stuff like the fall detector, but also the slightly bigger screen and the compass.

  • So you need to unpair your old watch first - which makes a backup. Access the Watch app, select your watch, select the I - or in later versions the >.

  • Next, you select the i.
  • Then select the Red Unpair Apple Watch option.

  • This will produce the backup we will use when we pair with the new Apple Watch.
  • To successfully unpair you will need your Apple id PW. If you use a complex one like I do be happy you can copy from 1Password and paste where necessary - and even better in iOS 12 you will be able to select it and avoid the copy and paste.
  • After you unpair, you can in fact pair. First, put it on, power it up (using the side button),  you need to pick language and region on your watch.  If you cannot, like with my Series 5, you may need to charge it for a while. Once you get that odd screen, you could point your iPhone at it (while in the Watch App).
  • You will right away have an option to restore.
  • When I paired, I had three backups to choose from but I could look and see the date of them so that was quite helpful.
  • It took a while to restore and configure but it came back just fine.
  • If you are using it, don’t forget to turn back on Auto Unlock.
  • As this new watch shipped with watchOS 6.0.1 I did not have to do an update.  It is not always like that so I appreciated it this time.


  • 10/25/19 - used this with my new Series 5 so updated as necessary.
  • 10/17/18 - used this with my new Series 4 so updated it a bit.

So did not take long, and did not lose anything.  So quite happy. If you want to learn more about Series 4 Watch, or watchOS 5.0.


=== END ===

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