Newsletter: September 30, 2017

Hi all,

I am doing this from home - the first time in a while.  As you know I was out on the road for about 5 weeks.  Got to talk to a lot of customers and a lot of Veeam people.  It was pretty darn good.  I had some very good VMware meetings too with interesting people.  So it was a very good trip. But nice to be home!

I did an article on moving to a new iPhone - yes, I have an iPhone 8 and so far it is pretty darn nice.  I also did one on upgrading to High Sierra.  I have done two computers so far and I have no complaints.  BTW, I have updated an older article about the Belkin TB 3 dock - but the short version is I don’t like it any longer.

BTW, I am very fond of what Content Libraries have turned into.  I hope that everyone who is on 6.5 uses them.  You can learn more about them in this article.

I have lots to share, as you may guess, and so should get started!

Have a great week!


Monthly Security Patch Program for the VCSA
This is very nice - a monthly cycle for security patches - although the most severe issues will be dealt with faster.  Another reason to be using the VCSA! I also appreciate how easy it is to apply these using the VAMI.

A vSphere focused Guide to the Intel Xeon Scalable Family
What a great read from Frank about new processor technology.  Very good learning.

Auto Remediation on VMware Cloud on AWS
This article does a very nice job of showing you the situation in VMC when you have a host die.  VMware manages that pretty well.  Other then the technical differences of the security in VMC the biggest change is how you don’t do troubleshooting or patching or typical admin.

Supporting Fault Tolerance VMs on vSAN Stretched Clusters
This interesting article is about doing SMP-FT in a stretched cluster and Cormac has all the details.  Good info if you are doing FT in a stretched cluster.

Which disk controller to use for vSAN
Duncan has a very important article about disk controllers and vSAN and for some it may be counter - intuitive.  I had some problems in this area with the early life of vSAN and I can say that what Duncan is talking about is very important and useful!

Difference between VMFS 5 and VMFS 6
There is some good reason to move to use VMFS 6, but the issue is that you cannot upgrade VMFS 5 volumes but you must create new VMFS 6 volumes and migrate VMs to it. Here is an article that talks of the differences between 5 and 6.

VMware Network Adapter Types
A nice reminder of all the different virtual network adapters that VMware has and you can use as appropriate.  Some are more common then others.

VMware Cloud on AWS: Storage Deep Dive
A very informative session on storage in VMC.  If you are curious about learning more about VMC you will enjoy this session.

vCloud Director 9.0 for Service Providers Release Notes
This latest release is pretty exciting, and not just for what you see in the release notes, but for the fact it means that VMware is still supporting and developing vCD.

VMware: How to monitor your VCSA 6.5 with SNMP and PRTG Network Monitor
And interesting article about how you can monitor your VCSA with SNMP.  I have not used SNMP for anything for quite some time but I do know people that still use it so this article will be quite useful for them.

VMworld Hackathon vSphere Client Login UI Them
This theme was pretty interesting since it had both static and not static stuff.  So pretty cool and you can find out all about it in this article.

Considerations when creating Veeam Backup Jobs
An interesting article about some good things to think about when you are creating Veeam backup jobs.  Yes, you don’t have to think about these sorts of things and everything will work.  But if you think about this stuff things will work better.

Wednesday Tidbit: Fix missing Puppet attributes on vRealize Automation blueprints
This interesting article is definitely one that others will find useful!  I could see myself having this issue if I had both vRA and Puppet in my lab.  Nice job!

VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon & Published Apps 6.5 is GA
I have seen a very good demo of this product a few years ago.  It was very cool to be able to enter a persons account, and have the desktop shown and all the info about the desktop.  Really helpful to troubleshoot users issues particularly performance related issues.  So we have a new version available, and an article about this new version too. I wish this was a management pack and not a separate SKU as I find that a little confusing.

Monitoring Veeam Backup & Replication with vROps
I was going to write this article - how to monitor in vROps Veeam - instead of monitoring the Veeam VM as a VM, it could be monitored as the entire stack - from the storage all the way to the actual running Veeam software.  But, instead of me doing it, I found that Chip had already done it!  Very nice job!! If you have Veeam, and you use vRealize Operations you really should do what Chip shows you how to.  Backup is very important and deserves to be treated as such.

VMware Virtual Network Assessment Tool
Potentially a useful way to to show the value of NSX by doing an assessment of a customers network and showing where NSX could make a big difference.  Very cool.

The Future the US Military is Constructing: a Giant, Armed Nervous System
This article is pretty darn interesting and very different - interesting that it is connected to the Military.  This is big data in a Military way.

AVAST, ye swabs - there’s nothing to see here
An interesting article that looks at the use of CCleaner to infect a bunch of customers that used it.  It is a technically interesting and advanced bit of malware.

Face ID: Why you shouldn’t be worried about iPhone X unlock
A very good article for explaining all about Face ID in the new iPhone X.  Very interesting and I think quite a bit better than Touch ID.  Although I like Touch ID better for how I interact with it. I was happy to see this article as I saw some very poor FUD about Face ID.

iOS 11: How to improve iPhone battery life
I have heard some complaints on this so I am sharing this article in the hope it helps.  If you do iOS 11 as I suggest (in this article) you will have potentially less or no battery issues.

Apple isn’t collecting user data in Safari, it’s collecting crappy website trends
This interesting article explains more about differential privacy and what Apple is doing to try and improve the web experience.  Good info.

Apple shares what third-party chargers work with iPhone 8 / X fast charging
This article talks about how you can get very fast charges out of the new iPhones.  What is important to note, one suggestion about using a 29 watt Apple power adapter is one I already use with my iPhone 7 and iPad Pro 10.5.  Very nice!

Thanks for reading or skimming, this far,


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