Newsletter: September 2, 2017

Hello everyone,

I am starting this in the LAS airport on my way to St. Petersburg in Russia.  So I have 1.5 hours to SFO, then 9.5 hours to FRA, and finally 2.5 hours to LED.  So I am going to try and do my newsletter on the way.  We will see how that goes - insert smile, or groan, here. Update, I did get a bunch done in LAS, and SFO and finished it in St. Petersburg.

I have some things to share from VMworld, but this is not going to be a VMworld newsletter.  I need to review some more sessions and work on a dedicated VMworld newsletter.  Probably next week.

I wrote an article on a very cool demo I saw in the HyTrust booth at VMworld,  it was most impressive. Some big news from Veeam, which I helped work on, is how Veeam works in the VMware Cloud on AWS.  Again, I have an article on that.

Recently Veeam updated its NFR page and you can find it here.  If you are any sort of IT Pro you can get a free one year key on our products.

BTW, recently a TWP I wrote come out.  It takes a while from when I finish to Veeam publishing it. This one is pretty useful, it is about how to backup and restore VCSA and PSC.  I think it is the best info on the Internet since when working on it I found confusing and conflicting info publicly available.  I was so worried about it I had someone - Thanks Eugene - test it for me.  This TWP has in it some Veeam info but really the info would work with most any vendor!

I may have mentioned in the newsletter last week that Windows vCenter is being depreciated and you can now find more about that in this article.  A better way to say it is that it is depreciated as of the date of that article, and it is terminal in the next major release.  Terminal means last time.

But lots to share, so lets get started!


VMworld 2017 US - Top Sessions videos
You can find the top session videos in this article. You can find the keynote videos through this link and it has some other videos too.

VMware Cloud on AWS Technical Overview
You may have seen my article on VMC, and heard me say how much I like it.  Here is an article by Frank that has lots more technical detail.

VMworld Day 1 and Day 2 recap
You can find a good review on day 1 and day 2 from the same author.

VMworld 2017 Breakout Session - Troubleshooting made easy
This session is always full of info, but it is pretty nice that someone wrote it all down in this article.

Introduction to VMware App Defense - application security as a service
This sounds like quite an interesting service, but not sure if it will work without agents, and if it needs agents I will be a little worried about it.  Who wants to manage agents?

Don’t Know why DRS is not balancing your cluster? DRS Dump Insight!
Duncan has an interesting article about a new fling that can answer that very old question - why is my cluster not ‘balanced’?

vSAN Management Today and in the future
This is always a very interesting session at VMworld and again this year too.  Read about it in Duncan’s article.

vRealize Operations Export tool
I have seen a few customers for sure that are interested in exporting metrics from vROps and it has become much easier.  Check out this new fling that can help.

Deploying OVFs with vRealize Automation
An interesting article about how you can deploy OVA / OVF as part of a workflow in vRealize Automation.  Something I suspect I will be diving into soon.

VMware Horizon 7 VDI Active - Active / Passive Multi-Site DR
You can find part 1 and part 2 of this interesting article.  It is a good idea to have DR in your Horizon world and this is an interesting set of articles.

VMware announces New vCloud Director 9.0
Good to see that VMware is still strongly dedicated to vCD which is shown I think in this article talking about the next major version.

Announcing Three New VMware NSX Guides
I know that more and more people are looking at and working with NSX and here is three guides that can help.  Some good micro-segmentation info.  BTW here is a video intro that was a VMworld session.

Introducing Assessment for VMware Cloud on AWS with vRealize Business for Cloud 7.3.1
This tool can help you understand if moving to the cloud is in fact a cost effective decision or not.  I have used older versions and it was a pretty useful tool.

Ready for a single monitoring console? How to unify Microsoft SCOM and vROps
This is an interesting article that talks about having your SCOM data in vROps.  Very interesting actually.

vDocumentation: check out these scripts to automate your documentation
I really like this software and wrote about it here but in this article there is a very nice script that can run those documentation functions against all your vCs.

Learn more about Runecast?  And there is a new version too.
If you want to learn more about Runecast, check out this article.  If you already know about it check out this article about a new version.  I really like the sound of this too.  Once home for a bit I think I may get it going in the lab.  I hope they have a vExpert version!

Veeam Backup for Office 365 for Office 365 - Invalid Exchange Server version
If you use VBO365 you may have been surprised lately about an issue where it worked, and then it stopped working.  There was a behind the scenes update to Exchange that impacts VBO365.  Find more info about the problem and solution in this article.

No Touch Desktop
I saw this product in Twitter and it looks interesting.  I thought they had some sort of a thin client they were going to send me to test out.  I see it supports not just RDP but VMware and Citrix too.  But when I looked more closely at it I see it is in fact an OS you put on old PC’s and that becomes your thin client. Has anyone tried this out?

My first VMworld
I did not realize until recently that my co-worker Michael had not visited VMworld before.  See what he wrote about his first VMworld.

Why the Security Industry Needs to let go of GDPR
There is growing talk about the GDPR and I heard a bit of it at VMworld.  It is important stuff, but it is not always quite what you think.  Find out more in this article.  One thing to remember is that GDPR is about privacy, and not security.

Exceptional Developer, User, and Customer Experiences are the keys to Innovation and Productivity
An interesting article about something new from VMware.  It is new product but also has some thinking with it that needs to change too.  I have not met the author (Chris Wolf) before but I know people that know him and say very good things about him.  Would love to have dinner with him one day.

Project Hatchway - VMware Persistent Storage for Containers
This article is about how Cormac sat in an interesting session about a new offering from VMware - persistent storage for containers.  Quite interesting actually.

Hey Cortana, open Alexa: Microsoft and Amazon’s first-of-its-kind collaboration
An interesting meeting of two very different companies, to share their digital assistants.  Is this the start of the end?

VMworld Notebook: An Inside look at the VMworld Hackathon
I was part of a team at the US Hackathon - Defenders of the Keystore, and one of my teammates did an article on the event.  Pretty interesting article actually. I had a wonderful time.  I hope next year to field a Veeam team!  That will take a bit of work on my part I suspect.

Lego’s New Robotics Set Made me fall in love with Lego all over again
A nice review of a new logo robotics set for kids and the young at heart.  Looks interesting actually!


=== END ===

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