Encrypt AND fence PII when found!

Hi there,

This is a report from the VMworld Solutions Exchange floor.  I visited with HyTrust and had a great demo.

I saw PII found, where the result was the folder containing it, which was inside a VM, was encrypted.  Live, without the user being impacted.  There was also a policy that said PII needs to stay on certain hosts.  So the VM with newly found PII, which is now encrypted, is vMotioned to the appropriate hosts.

This was a very cool demo.  But think about it.  In some places PII found by the government or authorities might be very expensive.  So when you can find it yourself and encrypted it, that is very useful.  But, also being able to keep it within certain hosts is handy – such as keep it in the US, or Germany for example.

This was all done using HyTrust products – CloudAdvisior for Data to find what is important to you, KeyControl to provide keys to DataControl to encrypt, and CloudControl for the policy engine.

Very useful, and cool stuff, I suggest you check it out if you are at VMworld.

BTW, CloudAdvisior is the old DataGravity product so very powerful and it is very good that HyTrust is growing its functionality.


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