DHCP is not doing its job!

Hi there,

I am supposed to be out with my wife orienteering.  A very useful sport for people that spend a lot of time in the mountains exploring. But I had a problem in my lab.  DHCP was not being supplied to any devices.  Which means Apple TV’s, iPads and more. I looked at a lot of things trying to figure it out, and I connected a few things to wired Ethernet to get them working.

What I worked out was that anything wired was good, and anything wireless – if it rebooted, or released its IP was in trouble.

I run eero mesh wireless and I quite like it.  But it quickly drew my attention. They are sort of, WiFi as a service.  So I thought I would call them.  After about 20 minute – composed of both hold and chatting, it turns out the problem was solved.  I was surprised as eero in my world is in bridge mode and how could that impact Wifi devices getting a DHCP supplied address?

We did a hard reset – so 15 seconds with a paperclick on the first eero device – the LED turns red.  Then support reconnected it with the other eero devices and all was good.  The odds are I am told a soft reset of 5 – 7 seconds would have worked.  It was nice since this is really Wifi As A Service so they were able to reconnect everything.  They also do all the upgrades too.

So I am sharing since as it was not my first guess that the Wifi could be causing this issue so hopefully if it happens to you, you will have a head start.

BTW, it turns out if you use Comcast equipment, and it is directly connected to the eero, you may see this issue or something similar.

So now I really like eero support as well as the product!


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4 comments on “DHCP is not doing its job!
  1. rnelson0 says:

    Were they able to tell you WHY it was a problem?

    • HI Rob, the support guy I talked with was not sure. He was tier 1 and developers helped him in the background. He had been quite helpful, and I did not push very hard.


  2. Kent Winsor says:

    Hi Michael, love reading your blogs. I was thinking about getting Eero as well since I have weak spots around my home with a single router especially the backyard deck. I notice you run yours in bridge mode which disables some advanced features. Are you running gen 2 of Eero? In bridge mode, what do you run in front of the Eero? Thanks.

    • Hi Kent,
      Thanks for reaching out, and I much appreciate hearing you like to read my blogs. That makes my day so thanks. I have Small Business Cisco firewall (RV325 – which works pretty good and is mostly easy to use) in front of eero. I use Windows AD to do DHCP / DNS in my lab / home. I am using Gen1 but Gen2 looks pretty good, and it has the smaller beacons that can go into more spots which is cool. It is pretty good stuff.


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