Can’t create a Content Library?

I wanted to create a content library to help me move stuff between sites.  Which is an amazing good idea by the way!  But it failed.  I saw in the recent events %S when I tried to create a content library.  I had just upgraded to Update 1 of vSphere 6.5.

I could not find anything useful via Google.  So I decided to try starting services manually on my VCSA.

And I see an actual failure to start the Content Library service so that means the error I got was legit.  But why was the service not working?

I could not find why so I reached out to talk with VMware Support.  I heard that it was a result of my Update 1, and did not always happen.  In my case I updated via the Appliance Updates option.  So very easy for me, but maybe it made this happen?

But they did have a solution: KB Article

Yes, the article is about OVF stuff, but ignore that.  I followed the steps 1 to 8 and it worked.  I saw my previous CL, and I could create a new one.


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2 thoughts on “Can’t create a Content Library?

  1. Tried to run a backup on my VCSA and got an error indicating that two services weren’t running; one started from the command line just fine, the other, the content library, kept failing. Following these same steps fixed the problem and the service started. I was then able to run the VCSA backup I originally attempted, and it worked.

    Thank you for sharing your notes!

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