Explaining Veeam Backup job summary screen fields

I have had a few questions on some of the fields on the summary screen of backup jobs.  So I thought I would answer and share on my blog.  So below  is the summary screen. BTW, when you are looking at the job summery screen you can use left and right arrows to move between different days.

First thing on the left is Processing rate - so what does it mean?  It is the average speed of processing of ALL of the VMs in the job.  It is calculated as total size of your source VMs size divided by the time the job took to finish.

Bottleneck shows which component spent the most time in the backup operation doing work.  You should not necessarily worry about this field.  Be aware that there will always be one component that works harder then others.  An overloaded ESXi host might be the culprit in the terms of Source.  Or a proxy server that has no processor or RAM left might be seen as Proxy. You can find additional good info in this KB article.

In the middle, in the Data box, Processed is the total size of all VM disks processed by the job.

The next - Read - is the amount of data read from source side prior to compression and deduplication.  In addition, remember that only data blocks that have changed since the last job session are processed.

Transferred is the amount of data transferred to the target-size data mover.  Both compression and deduplication are applied before the copy operation.

Hope this helps.  Let me know if you have questions or comments.


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