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I am writing this not from a train, or a plane, or from a hotel.  I got home yesterday and I am doing this in my home office / lab and that is pretty nice. My past week was divided between Berlin and Bucharest and it was pretty busy.  Met lots of interesting people and had some great chats.  Also did a couple of speaking sessions so that was good too – would have been great if I had been able to do the decks from scratch but you can’t have everything!  Home for a while now and that is also very good!

With me being at home, I will be getting a lot of things done in the lab, and the white paper area, and that will be good to start catching up.

I have got a lot to share, and so I want to get started with that!

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Important vSAN 6.0 patch BUT……
Here is the info on an important patch.  It has a number of important vSAN fixes in it.  But, also, you may find it causes an issue.  Fortunately there is a workaround – sort of one I guess.

Need help downloading VMware software?
Not only will the VMware Software Manager download a bunch of the VMware software for you, it will even download patches that sometimes we cannot manually download via My VMware.  It will also do an SHA1 check on the download files as well as VMware gets the new files to this service pretty quick.  You an get some help with it right here. Useful tool indeed but I do wish all VMware software went through it.

Announcing VMware vRealize Log Insight 4.5 release – What’s New
An article about the new version of Log Insight 4.5. I can add that my upgrade in several labs to 4.5 was smooth as you might expect. And my Veeam B&R CP works fine in 4.5 too.

Deploy VMware EUC Access Point with wildcard SSL certificates for Horizon 7 Access
The EUC Access Point is a little odd to install, but is very good to use as it reduces your attack surface and minimizes the admin overhead – as no patching. It used to require a script to install but as of the latest version, it now has a UI.  In this article is the info on using certs.

Updated View Clients – important
There was a security update in View clients recently so you can find the release notes for each OS version, and they can be downloaded from here.

VMware I/O Analyzer updated – what’s new?
Vladan has an article about this useful analyzer tool that I think is a pretty good tool for testing performance of systems.

vCenter gets unresponsive after adding a DVS Port Group
An interesting article about an odd issue and how to deal with it.  Good to know.

Fix NSX host preparation errors with manual installation of the components
Luca has a good article here if you are going to start working with the new vCD beta.

Security Operations with VMware vRealize Log Insight
There is a new RC (7) from Edward in his Security Operations dashboard and that is pretty good.  I have that dashboard in my lab and quite like it.  Very useful to have in your Log Insight.  Find out more here.

Enabling vRealize Log Insight agent on vRealize Automation 7 appliance
Here is an article on how to get the LI agent on the vRA appliance working and it is good to see as there is a few steps.

VeeamON 2017 free sessions
You can find the free sessions right here from VeeamON.  Some interesting stuff! People who attended VeeamOn should soon be seeing all of the sessions.  The Ransomware one is particularly good and Anton’s best practices for Repositories was very good as well.

Continuing Data Protection in the Era of Virtualization
Hal has an interesting article on the new feature of CDP in v10.  It should be noted that we are a long way from v10 being GA so things may change, but it is still a very good article.

Veeam > Nimble Integration Bug to be Aware Of
A nice write-up on what looks like a bug that can impact users of Veeam & Nimble. As seen in the comments it impacts other storage vendors too.

Temporary Group Membership in WS2016 Active Directory
An interesting article about how you can use temporary access to someone.  So for example someone is in the Administrators group for only 2 hours.  Very handy! But, also it can be used by malware and make forensic investigation much harder.  So not sure about enabling this feature. The more I think about it I think maybe this is a bad idea.

Unable to correctly configure Time Service on non PDC Domain Controller
This article is a good example of troubleshooting and it is good to be aware of this issue.  Hopefully none of us will need the info.

Updated NetApp Simulator Free eBook
If you need help building a new NetApp Simulator you can find it here.  Not sure if building Simulator or Edge is better? But certainly many people over the years have sharpened their NetApp skills with the simulator.

Dell Performance Analysis Collection Kit (DPACK)
This performance analysis tool is most often used at corporate customers, but you can use in fact in your home lab to learn how useful this tool is and more about your lab storage too.

Where Have all the GPU’s Gone? Cryptocurrency Mining of course!
A very informative article from Stephen on the state of GPU’s and it is a good read.  I am not surprised at all on the shortage of GPU’s!

Delivering continuous innovation with Windows Server
Clint shared article this with our team, and it is pretty interesting.  It looks like that Microsoft will release two feature updates per year – spring and fall.  I believe, once I thought about this – that is is pretty smart and in fact what many customers need or will appreciated.  I remember when customers asked for less frequent updates, as it was manual or expensive to update / upgrade but I think that is slowly becoming less common. I think other software companies will need to think of this too!

New cool gadget alert! Logitech Spotlight Advanced Presentation Remote
I saw this in use recently at an event.  With the little thing in your hand you get a spotlight and a zoom capability that is smooth and professional.  Very cool in fact!

10 Underrated Space Movies
An  article about what are underrated space movies and I actually agree with a couple of the choices. Maybe if you need help picking a movie tonight?

2017 iMac Configuration Quirks: Don’t get burned!
Some good info to be aware of when you are ordering the new 2017 iMac.  Some interesting quirks!

The 2017 iPad Pros
I was very impressed with the new iPad hardware – the 10.5 model – that I saw at the recent WWDC in the keynote. I was even more impressed with what was demoed for iOS 11 specifically for iPads.  So when I saw this review – I could not help myself – I bought a new iPad.  Which means my wife gets a ‘new’ iPad (my current iPad Pro) and some kid or relative gets my wife’s iPad!  BTW, here is some additional info on ProMotion – yes worst feature name ever but very cool technology.

WWDC 2017 – Some Thoughts
This article is from a developer who has been to many WWDC and it has some interesting comments.

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