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Hello all,

An interesting week for me. I am in Veeam R&D now and that is something I have been looking forward to for a while.   For the next while I am still working on some stuff for my old team that was already committed too.  In addition, the Veeam Content Pack for Log Insight is in the Log Insight Marketplace now and that is very cool.  It can also be found in the VMware Solution Exchange as well for those of you with no Internet access for your Log Insight server. I did two blogs this week – one on how Veeam is now Ready for vSAN certified (and in the HCL), and one on the release of the Log Insight CP but both are for the web site and not sure when you will see them.

I updated my Moving to my new Mac article about how I had a new dock and how it went. I would like to add again how happy I am with my new MacBook Pro, and the Touchbar is quite useful, and yes, the keyboard works good too – I hear a lot of people say it is useless.  That is not true, and if any of you see me and my MBP I will be happy to show you.

Yes, I did vote for my favorite blogs and so should you – start that process here.

I head out today for a 2 or 3 week trip – to get some interesting training, but also to do some speaking engagements in Berlin and Bucharest.  Will be fun! But it may mean I am delayed in my next newsletter but hopefully it means instead newsletters done in interesting places!

As always, I have a lot of stuff to share, so lets get started.

Have a great week!


vSAN Health Service – Cluster Health – CLOMD liveness check
If you are seeing errors in CLOMD on vSphere 6.5 there is a fix that Support can provide you.  You will only see the errors if you have reservations for memory on VMs.  Makes it a pretty interesting problem I think.  The fix is going to be in a soon to be seen update. Here is the KB article on this issue.

New VMworld 2017 bootcamp – vSphere Advanced Performance Design, Configuration & Troubleshooting
There will be a bootcamp before VMworld all about performance that I think will be most useful for many of us.  Mark Achtemichuk will be there and he is very smart indeed.  So great learning I expect. Find out more in this article.

Cool Tool – VMware Tools Client
You can see here about a new tool that will allow you to upload / download files – and do other things – between you and your workstation and a VM via the VMware Tools.  Without a network connection as well.

Disable VM MAC conflict in vSphere for Veeam replicated virtual machines
This is a major cool thing that Luca has done.  I had it working in my lab 2 minutes after I saw his article.  this will keep the MAC address conflict notice from showing, but yet, non Veeam related MAC address conflict problems will still be flagged.  Most excellent Luca – thanks!

HOMELAB – Lab access made easy with free Veeam Powered network
Anthony has an article about a new product from Veeam that is the first product in the network area. Veeam is positioning it as part of a Azure DR solution.  But, that is just marketing and packaging and it will work in a variety of situations.  For example, I use View to get into my home lab, or into my old work lab, but what about if I wanted to connect both of them – maybe do some long distance replication or DR failover testing?  That could be done easily with PN.

Practice Exam for Veeam – VMCE – Advanced: Design & Optimization v1
I am about to start on this – likely not while on the road but when I get home.  So it was cool to see that there is a practice test.  I have only glanced at the textbook but it looks pretty interesting!

Veeam – Upgrade to SQL Express 2016 SP 1 for Improved performance
An interesting article about how an upgrade to SQL 2016 SP1 will help with performance in Veeam VBR and ONE. It makes a noticeable difference and I know that it works – I heard from someone who did this and they say they see an improvement and with no ill effects.

Veeam Goes Hollywood, Now Has Two Agents
Nice article on the Veeam agents.  I do like these agents and the attitude that produces them.

VeeamON – v10 – Availability for AWS and Archive Tier
I really like the v10 feature for Veeam Backup & Replication called Archive Tier.  It will in fact be very useful for many customers.  You can learn more about it here from Michael. Another interesting feature is Veeam Availability for AWS which is a little bit different.  Learn about it here.

Data Deduplication using both Windows Server 2016 and Veeam
Andrew has an article about dedupe and Veeam.  Quite interesting article. I would add the patches he mentions will come down with Windows Update, and I would say for now ReFS is better then dedupe.

Building your own Web Client Plugin with VRO
Cody has a very interesting article that will help you build your own Web Client plug-in and have it do what you want.  Very cool!

Integrating Amazon Echo and VMware API’s
This is pretty interesting – learn about how you can connect Echo and vRA! Check it out here.

Service Providers be aware: Samba vulnerability is out there! SAMBACRY
Anthony has an article about this vulnerability and it is good to know.

Getting Nerdy on the Oracle Ravello Cloud Service
I was a big fan of Ravello, and did some work with it and like it, but they seemed to disappear, and a while back I heard they had been purchased by Oracle.  So here is an article from a recent bloggers day with Oracle Ravello people.

How to set up Back to my Mac on macOS Sierra
This functionality (connecting to your home Mac via the internet) has been around for a long time and it works pretty darn good.  The trick is not all routers can be configured easily to support it.  But here is the info in case it helps.

Containers: A Primer for Enterprise IT Pros
Nice article that talks about containers and Docker and it is clear. Thanks Stephen! I remember when Mendel Rosenblum talked about the idea of containers a long time ago without using the word container as I recall.

Better Metrics. Better Data. Better Analytics. Better IT.
An interesting story about a problem that many of us have seen some variation of, and about a possible solution.

Why Customizing vROPs Is Important for your Container Strategy
An interesting story about monitoring containers.  Good stuff.

My Top Mac OS X “Must have” Apps (Business & Geek)
Andre has a good list of apps that he considers very useful on his Mac.  I recognize many of them. If you are starting with a Mac – this is a nice list to think about!

I wanna go fast: HTTPS’ massive speed advantage
Interesting article about how HTTPS is faster then HTTP and why.  Good info to know and understand.

A beautiful story – thanks Ron!
Ron Oglesby shares out a lot of Military pictures, and occasionally it is a picture of something that relates to my past military life and hits home.  I love that. But he recently shared a very powerful story. Pretty damn cool.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far!


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