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I am glad to be finally able to put some time into my blog.  Even when I do not write, I still end up capturing useful articles to share.  I have been traveling a lot, and working on stuff for VeeamON.  Which I have to say went very well indeed.  Met lots of people, and lots of people learned about some very cool stuff that Veeam is working on.  I am excited, and impressed, that there is things for a bunch of different groups to be excited about.  Service providers, and big and small customers all have things to be excited about.  I am very excited about the CDP feature, and the feature to back up NAS devices.  Cool stuff.  You will learn more about those two features from me when I can share more.  Very exciting stuff. BTW, here is a nice article on a bunch of the new v10 stuff in Backup & Replication. Here is a link to the VeeamON videos and other stuff. I did hear of a lot of very good sessions that will be checking out this week – if we get them up that quick.

I have two weeks at home before I head out on the road again.  Looking forward to doing some SE training on new products. I am going to work on some blog articles on the road – and hopefully will get them done!

BTW, I have updated my Veeam and ReFS article with the information on how to figure out your disk savings. I also got a mini Thunderbolt 3 dock so I have updated my Mac article with info on it.

But, as you might guess, I do have lots to share.  So, lets get started.

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Supermicro bug on running VMs in nested method
An interesting article that is not so current, but was helpful to someone I know recently. So if you are having issues with nested ESXi hosted VMs, and you use Supermicro this article might be helpful.

vSphere 6.5 Upgrade Considerations Part 1
Emad has the start of a really good series on doing the vSphere 6.5 upgrade – which I think 6.5d is most excellent to upgrade too! Here is part 1.

Catch a glimpse of Zero-Touch vSphere Auto Deploy Clusters from Tomorrow
An article about a new Lab Fling that is about a CLI that allows great management of your host profiles.  One of the examples is you can get everything done before the hosts ahit your loading dock.  Then you provide a MAC address or BIOS ID and you are done.  It means that the hosts boot prepared to work and not in Maintenance Mode waiting for further customization.

VMware ends support for 3rd party virtual switches
A very good article on this subject. I think Tom knows what he is talking about, and I quite agree.

HTML5 Client – v3.14 now GA
You can find all about this new version of the HTML 5 client here, but there are new features, improvements, and bug fixes in this release. I like how it now has guest customization support!

VMware Tools 10.1.17
I strongly believe you should use the VMware Tools that are shipped and packaged with ESXi.  However, sometimes, there are patches in VMware Tools that are in the externally delivered VMware Tools that can be very important.  I think that 10.1.17 is an example of that.  But, if you choose to start using externally supplied VMware Tools you need to add your version of VMware Tools to your checks before upgrading. This 10.1.17 includes some fixes for Win2K12 performance issues.

Very persistent NTP issues on VCSA and PSC
A very good article on a somewhat uncommon issue but the troubleshooting and solution are very good to know.

vSphere and TLS 1.2
Mike has an article about a variety of things – I like how he describes security and compliance and that is an important contrast and very good to know. He also talks about the issues around TLS and some of the objects available for VMware customers.

If you want some basic capabilities to manage your virtual machines from iOS there is not many choices.  Which is in fact quite surprising to me. However there is one – IVMControl – and it does that basic job quite well.  I have not touched it for some time, until I tested it again for this newsletter.  It does work with my 6.5d lab.  VMware used to have an app that was not bad at all but it has not been maintained.  And I did not find any others either.

vRealize Automation 7.3 now GA
This is a very big release and I cannot wait to work with it.  You can see in the release notes just how much new functionality is in this release.  I am very impressed with how VMware is continuing to improve this product. You can find the bits here.

Building a Horizon View vCheck (Part 2)
In this article it shows scripts that can do part of a vCheck on your Horizon View servers.  Very cool.
I quite like the beta of the new docs site for VMware.  Be sure to check it out and contribute to the development of it too!  I really like it so far!

Updated Nested ESXi 6.0 U3 & 6.5d virtual appliances
William has updated the packaged ESXi OVA that can be used for nested.  Find out more here. Very handy stuff when you want to nest your hosts.

Intelligent Rebuilds in vSAN 6.6
A Tech Note on an interesting subject.  vSAN 6.6 has changed the intelligent rebuild and so this is good info! I also like the format of this too.  Quite handy.

Veeam Remote Access – not just for service providers
One of the new features of Veeam B&R 9.5 u2 is Remote Access for Veeam Backup & Replication console and it is very useful.  It means a Service Provider can access the console of a customers to assist them.  But it can be used in other ways as well – check out this article.

Fantastic Features and where to find them!
One of my co-workers – Michael Cade – has a part 1 article and a part 2 article on this great subject of fantastic features. He will show you some great things about Veeam that will really help you out.

Veeam PN for Microsoft Azure
You can learn all about this interesting new tool in this link, but there is more to know.  You do not have to use Azure with it.  It is a very cool networking product that can join disconnected networks easily together. More on this product can be found in Anthony’s article. BTW, Anthony is the guy in our team assigned to PN, like I am for VAO, and you should watch out for more articles from him.

Veeam Backup & Replication Update 2
This is quite a big release of an update – lots of good stuff in it.  The release notes are out, and you should consider upgrading. I should note, that you should always make sure – if you use Cloud Connect – that your Cloud Provider has upgraded their infrastructure to support Update 2. They do get the bits before you – by two weeks, so that should normally give them the time to get things tested, and implemented before you.

PowerShell Core 6 Beta 1 Release
An update of the PowerShell Core is now available.  I have heard that there is some incompatibilities with it and PowerCLI. I suggest before you upgrade to it you check out the PowerCLI comments and bugs area.

Free Java GUI to Deploy VMs onto vSphere of all versions
Here is a powerful and free tool to help you deploy OVA / OVF successfully.  So if you have troubles deploying OVA you cannot easily fix this tool will solve your issue!

When one app rules them all …..
I have heard of the instant messaging app in China that has taken over.  It is called WeChat and it is very connected.  Most people use it, and it can do so much more then just chat.  I mentioned this recently and there was skepticism but then I found this article.  A great read.

Ransomeware Makes for a bad night
Edward has a very good article about a particular malware incident and what we can do about it.  I love how he says “This is as much a conversation about people and process as it is about technology” – so very true!

Malware, described in leaked NSA documents, cripples computers worldwide
This is not that recent, but I thought this article did a very good job talking about this incident. If you keep your patches current, and your anti – malware current, and you don’t click on things you don’t know, you can survive a lot of things! BTW, here is a technical article on this malware if you need more info, and here is a technical presentation that is pretty good.

Outlook for Mac 2016 Calendar and Email Sync Issues
Steve has had some issues with sync and his email and calendar on his Mac. I do not have those issues but if I ever do I will be better off with the info from his article.

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