Newsletter: May 6, 2017

Hello all,

Another tough week – very busy indeed. But got some cool things done so that is good. VeeamON is very close and that is magnifying things and so everything is busy and exciting. I hope to visit with and meet many of you that read my blog at that event. Will be fun and I will buy drinks!

But as always, I am very short on time, and so much to do, and so much to share! So lets get started!


Secure Boot for ESXi 6.5 – Hypervisor Assurance
Mike has a very detailed and interesting article about what is Secure Boot and it is pretty darn good. I love how they have a script that can validate if your server can do Secure Boot or not. As soon as VeeamON is over, and I have some breathing room I will get this working in my lab.

Announcing the GA release of the vSphere Security Configuration Guide!
Mike has released the vSphere Security Configuration Guide and you can learn more about it in this article. It has changed a lot over the years, and the important part of that is that change is due to how vSphere has changed and been improved.

vSAN 6.6: Manual vs Automatic Disk Claim Mode
I never liked the automatic disk claim mode and always did the manual selection and I guess I was not alone in that. Find out why the auto choice is gone from Duncan.

VMware Validated Design (VVD) & VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) Quick References
Very nice that William has organized a bunch of links around VVD and VCF and so that is pretty handy. As I mentioned last week the VCF stuff looks pretty interesting. And the VVD is useful to get ideas on implementations that have been validated.

HyTrust KeyControl (KMS) for vSphere and VSAN
Rawlinson has an article about HyTrus and VSAN that is pretty interesting. I should mention that I quite like the HyTrust KMS software and use it in my lab as well. You will see soon a Technical White Paper from me and it will be in the paper.

Getting Started with VIC v1.1
Cormac will help you get started with VIC 1.1. Interesting stuff.

Quick Guide to the Horizon 7 API with VMware PowerCLI
I have not see much on using PowerCLI and View so it is quick good that Ray has this article.

PowerCLI 6.5.1 Walkthrough
Kyle has an article about the new 6.5.1 version of PowerCLI that is pretty interesting and useful.  I really like the changes – big improvements in fact.

Easily export your PowerShell Session History
Brian has an article about how you can easily export your history in PowerShell and that has a number of uses I think. Brian has an interesting use-case in that he wanted to quickly update to 6.5.1 of PowerCLI but didn’t want to lose anything in his sessions.

Using PowerCLI from the PowerShell Gallery
Here is a nice article on getting started with PowerCLI in the Gallery. Pretty good stuff.  Here is another that has some other info.

Deleted or Changed A File you need back? Backblaze can help!
I am a big fan of Backblaze, and I recommend it for home users, and when I saw this article I thought it was a pretty cool feature I did not really know about.

Veeam Goodies
You can find a very nice list of tidbits around Veeam in this article. Very nice collection.

Using PowerShell to automate the deployment of Veeam Agent for Windows 2.0
Clint has an article about how you can use PowerShell to remotely install and in fact configure the Veeam Agent for Windows 2.0. Pretty handy info too.

New Supermicro BIOS 1.2 and IPMI 3.52 for Xeon D SuperServers released Spring 2017
I saw this article this week and it is good to know another BIOS / IPMI is out that hopefully will bring full HTML5 for the KVM. I will test these updates in a few weeks and let you know how it goes.

Google Docs users hit with sophisticated phishing attack
This is the first article I saw on this subject. Interesting stuff as it is phishing in a little different way. Here is a much better technical diary type article on this attack.

Thank you very much for reading – I appreciate it.


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