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I hope everyone has had a good week?  And enjoying the weekend too? I had what felt like a long week on the road.  I attended a Gartner event, and also did a VMUG too. Both were very good, and very different events. I am at home for the next while which is pretty good!

I only flew a few times on Virgin but I quite enjoyed it.  And I know several people that liked it a great deal and flew it every chance they had.  I was quite surprised to stumble across this article from Richard Branson about what is happening, and what has happened, to Virgin America is interesting.

BTW, I did update my Veeam and ReFS article this week. And would you like to try out the Veeam Agents for Linux?  Pretty cool stuff.

Lots to share, so lets get started, and have a great week!


vCenter 6.0 U3a now GA
A few days ago 6.0 U3a dropped and it seems there is no ESXi update related.  It is also still true that you cannot update 6.0 U3a to 6.5 yet but I hope that will change in the next 6.5 update.  See the release notes of 6.0 U3. This was an easy update for me with no issues.  Love the UI of appliance for doing this sort of thing.

SQL Server VM Performance with VMware vSphere 6.5
Here is an article about a new performance review that VMware has done with SQL 2016 and vSphere 6.5.  This is very important and with significant detail – for example, they prove that there is no performance requirement any longer to use RDM.  Some very useful info.

vCenter Appliance 6.0 Update 3 CLI Installer changelog
Thanks to William for sharing this, but also, I suspect, thanks to him for getting it done.  But if you want to see the changes in the CLI installer for the VCSA you can find it here.

New Mechanism for Unleashing vSAN Innovation
This is good news for vSAN customers – there will be updates to vSAN in the patches for ESXi in the future.  No need to wait for a major release once per year.  This is also already happening for the HTML5 client.

vCenter Server Topology Considerations
Emad has a great video that has a bunch of good info around vCenter typologies.  And done in that cool Light Board method.

vSphere 6.0: Reset ESXi Root Password via Active Directory
Here is an article about how you can reset your ESXi host using AD.  Could be handy!

VCSA 6.5 Migration deployment sizes limited! 
An interesting article about a small issue!  But this is almost a theme, I have heard of similar symptoms recently where a big database caused some issues during upgrades or migrations. I like how this article has various info on dealing with the database size issue.  Since I remember two of these situations I wonder if maybe we need more database checks during upgrade and migration?

Secure Boot for ESXi
You can learn more about secure boot for ESXi servers – that new 6.5 feature that really helps the security of your environment from Mike in this interesting video. Very cool stuff!

VM Encryption and vMotion Encryption
Another very quick and informative video about VM Encryption.  Cool stuff and very good info.

Sizing for Large VMDKs on vSAN
An interesting article by Cormac on using large VMDKs on vSAN. Often you can enable vSAN and go.  No big deal.  If you are using Ready Nodes or if you made sure things are on the HCL and just consume vSAN it will work.  But when you get to using very large VMDKs on your vSAN there is some knowledge you should be aware of.  And Cormac’s article covers that off.

vSAN Sparse Swap
When you have a VM on vSAN, by default, there is two copies.  And that means there is two copies of the reserved memory on disk too.  So it adds up.  If you don’t over-commit, and you should not do that normally, you can avoid the footprint of the reserved memory.  Find out more here. I do not normally do this. While I do not normally over-commit, I find it is a good emergency tool.

vSphere Integrated Containers: Innovation With Unexpected Benefits
Want to learn a little bit about where VIC came from?  This article explains.

My Windows 10 Template Build Process
This is a most interesting article by Sean.  I am one of the ones he mentions that have a Win10 template done just like my Win7 ones. I will for certain – next time I build a Win10 template take a serious look at Sean’s.

VMware Horizon 7.1 is GA! What’s New – Part 1
I did share the release notes on View 7.1 last week, but this new article has a lot of detail on what is new.  And it is part 1 of 2 as well.  Part 2 talks of stuff on the Linux client. I will be doing my 7.1 and client upgrade likely this weekend.

Uninstall the Horizon View Toolbox before upgrading your Connection Servers
A good thing to remember before you upgrade your View server.

VMware’s vRA + SPBM + VVols = Awesome
An interesting article about a good use-case involving vRealize Automation, and VVols.  I think this is cool stuff and a good example of what can be done with some very good tools.  I have a couple of TWP on the go – sort of – I am still finishing off my lab – but after I finish the two TWP I will be working on automation stuff in the DR space.  Exciting.

Getting started with vRealize Log Insight 4.3 for vRealize Automation 7
An interesting article that talks about how to get all of the vRA component logs to Log Insight.  I agree with the author that it is very useful for troubleshooting when all of the logs are in one place – and easily searchable!  This is particularly useful in an environment that is complex.

vRO Active Directory Plugin needs LDAPS
It is very handy that you can connect vRO to AD, and I know it is common but I did not know you need to use LDAPS.  Find out more here.

FIX: Heavy memory usage in ReFS on Windows Server 2016
In this article it talks about the patch – which you can get via Windows update or the article – and this solves an issue in ReFS and Win2K16.  I think any Veeam users with ReFS repositories should install this patch.  Don’t forget that this patch has a registry component.

Aligning vRealize Operations with Business Outcomes – vROps White Paper
The idea of this paper is to help you configure vROps so it more closely matches your business.  So not monitoring virtual machines but monitoring your app or department IT infrastructure.  So useful I think for some questions.

Operationalize Your World: Import steps for older versions
Iwan has a good point that with vROps 6.5 you can import groups which means you can import dashboards without the work of recreating groups. Very nice, as this is making it easier to share between vROps users useful stuff like dashboards.

Engineers are expensive, and we need to maximize their value
Bryan has an article about how the vRA dev staff use vRA to make their work easier.  I remember seeing the early versions of this and being very impressed.  It has really grown and developed nicely. I see this as true devops.

The Ultimate Veeam Production – replica Test Lab step by step
A very nice article about how to do virtual lab stuff using Veeam, in Hyper-V. A little different then doing it in VMware but with the same cool end result.

Cloud Connect Replication Partial Failover – example
Anthony has a very good article about how you can do a partial failover to the cloud when you are a Veeam customer and Cloud Connect is in use.  Very interesting.

Veeam Backup & Replication Preferred Subnet & SMB Multichannel
A very informative article about SMB multi-channel communications and Veeam backup traffic.

Episode 122 – SPBM, VVols, and more with Pete Flecha
The Veeam Community podcast where Michael and Pete Flecha talk about SPBM and VVols is pretty good.  Find it here.

Use Veeam Backup & Replication Free Edition to collect Veeam Agents backups
Luca has an interesting article about how you can use the Free Edition of VBR to host Agent backups.  Good use-case actually if you don’t have VBR in your own environment.

What is Storage Replica? – Windows Server 2016
I noticed this article recently, but I had not heard of storage replica in the context of Win2K16. This is sort of like vSphere Replication.

Nest cameras can be easily blacked out by Bluetooth burglars
Here is an article that talks about that, but big deal.  What happens if the bad guy takes the power or internet away?  Or wears a mask and works fast?

Synology 6.1 Update 2
This is 6.1 – 15047-2 which has quite a list of fixes.  Upgrade went smooth for me.  Release notes for the DS1813+. Definitely like my Synology.

Report a Problem
Any Apple purchase through iTunes made in the last 90 days can be addressed at this site. A good way to see what you have bought too!

How to encrypt your Mac backups
I think you should always encrypt your cloud backups, so that no one – including you – can access those backups without the encryption key.  If you travel with an external drive you do Time Machine backups to in your travels, and you leave that hard drive in your checked in luggage you should encrypt that backup.  Both of those circumstances can find what you need in this article. But when at home, unless you are some sort of secret agent, I think it might be better to not encrypt your backups.  Just in case.

Fantastic Bits and where to find them
Would you like to learn about the Robertson or Phillips screwdrivers and where they came from? It is interesting to me sometimes to see how things are developed.

Replacing the World’s Largest Jet Engine at 40-Below
This is quite an cool story about changing a jet engine in the far north where there was no gear to do that.  Very interesting actually.

Security Disaster Recovery Plan
An interesting article about how security needs a DR plan along with the more traditional DR plans.  I think that this is a good idea and I could see it being quite useful.

Security and Data Protection: anti-ransomware?
A very interesting article – and I completely agree, that most people that talk about Ransomware and preventing it is actually about recovering from it.  The article also talks about some ways to detect ransomware – go info.

Epoch Rollover: Coming two years early to a router near you!
This doesn’t sound good.  We have the other issue with a chip that is bricking routers, and now this epoch thing?

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