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I am writing this – at least some of it – while on a layover in Houston, while on my way to Ft. Lauderdale for a Gartner event.  After that I will be at a VMUG in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. I hope to see any of you that read my blog at either event.  Or somewhere in-between works too!

I have seen a lot of articles on how cool ReFS is for Veeam backup repositories and in fact that is quite true, it is pretty cool.  But, most of the articles have been a little light on implementation.  So I wrote an article that tells you what you need to know to make things work – not so much why as how.

So I have a bunch of things to share, but make sure you check out the first one, it is a big deal.

Have a great week!


vSphere 6.0 U3 doesn’t upgrade to vSphere 6.5 – but wait, there is more
Thanks to Emad I learned about the fact that while 6.0 U3 is pretty cool due to the fixes and capabilities in it, the fact is – AT THIS TIME – you cannot upgrade it to vSphere 6.5.  Sounds odd, but it is in the release notes.  And this really caught my attention as I am using 6.0 U3 and I thought I might have to upgrade to 6.5 very quickly.  Turns out I don’t and that is good as I think that I will be able to upgrade my 6.0 U3 to 6.5 in the future.  I suspect that the next release of vSphere 6.5 will support the upgrade.  So I am still happy to be on 6.0 U3. Yes, I did look at the release notes before I upgraded to U3, but it was a bit more of a skim I guess.  If I missed the fine print maybe someone else did too.

vCenter 6.5.0b now GA
Here is the release notes for this update and it was quick and easy to do. The thing I noticed most is the increased functionality in the HTML5 client.  You can find the details of what is supported, or not supported in the HTML5 client here.

VMware vRealize Log Insight SOC
I have been using a very nice set of Log Insight dashboards that are all around security.  The very moment you install it you can see interesting stuff.  Like when administrator@vsphere.local logs into your VCSA or root into your ESXi hosts.  So very cool stuff.  It was updated yesterday and if you want to find out more you can at this site.

Log Insight 4.3 Upgrade
My LI 4.3 upgrade was quick and easy and no problems.  And yes, the automatic upgrade of the agents worked really well.  Very handy! I think that 4.3 uses a little more processor and RAM then 4.0 did.  At least that is what it looks like.

How to backup an ESXi host configuration
I saw that several people had been looking for this sort of thing recently.  I am not sure if you need to backup the host config as it is easy to install and you know the name and IP. But, it is good to know that you can in fact backup the host config if you need to.

Using SD Cards for embedded ESXi and vSAN
John has updated this article he did on minimizing the impact on SD and USB cards as boot devices for ESXi.  I used his command to redirect activity on the SD for VMware Tools to a RAM disk and it has worked good.

Comparing Performance R5 vs R1 with and without compression / dedupe on All-Flash vSAN
Chris has done nice job showing how he has tested varying configuration to see how it will impact performance.  And he nets it out nicely too.

In-guest UNMAP Fix in ESXi 6.5
Cody has an article about how a recent 6.5 patch impacts UNMAP (Windows) in vSphere 6.5.  I love how he explains and proves things! He also has a similar article for Linux too. This is something many people need to read and understand.  It will help in your sysadmin life!

VMware Cloud on AWS
I have done a interview show on this – not out yet – and I have listened to a number of preso’s on it and I must admit I am excited.  This offering from VMware is not quite what everyone thinks.  It is in fact a little better I think.  I have signed up for beta and I hope to get on it!  But here is a nice article that talks much about what is public.

Architecting VMware vSphere for Operations
Iwan has some very good info and suggestions in this article.  Really good ideas in fact for companies large and small.  I had the pleasure of working with Iwan once, and visiting some of his customers.  He is a smart guy and quite charming.  And his customer love him – which is something always quite telling.

What is the difference between VMware vSphere, ESXi, and vCenter?
I think none of you need to read this article, but I suspect some of you may need to share the article with others.  It is a very good intro to things in terms of products.

Horizon View 7.1 now GA
This happened a few days ago but I missed it.  You can find the release notes, and also a third party upgrade article. There is a lot of new and updated stuff but not too much for me.  I do like how you can hide a list of domains now when logging in. I have not updated my lab yet, I normally do that from the inside rather then the outside.  Although, I have done it from the outside but that is a little risky and exciting.

PowerCLI Core on Docker with macOS
I have PowerCLI on my Mac and it works, but it is sort of an accidental install.  I would love to remove it and install it properly but if I were to do that it would be better to do it like this article. Unfortunately I have not found an uninstall for PowerCLI on the Mac, but if any of you know of one please share it with me!

What’s new in Storage Resource Monitor
Solarwinds has a new version of the Storage Resource Monitor  (6.4) – a very nice tool indeed. It looks like new features and new storage supported.  See more here. BTW, they have another announcement – this time of a performance management tool that I have seen and is most amazing.

Why did HP buy Nimble?
Or, why am I excited to hear that we are getting Nimble gear in my work lab? I started to learn about the value of data at VMware when someone introduced me to the Porter Toolkit, and later when I started learning about the phone home stuff – which started with ThinApp.  But it wasn’t until I worked at DataGravity I learned a lot more about the value of data.  I saw this article about InfoSight and now I know why HP bought Nimble, and I am quite looking forward to seeing the Nimble gear in my lab! If you doubt the value of phone home data, or not sure what a cloud can do for storage (or a customer) you really must read this article.

Enterprise Linux 7.3 makes some backwards-incompatible changes to interface names
Rob reports on something very odd he has found that will impact a lot of Redhat (and Centos) users.  He does ask a good question – what happened to eth# as an interface name?  But if you do Linux, or if you do Linux templates, you should check out his article.

Veeam Agent for Linux = Veeam Agent for Linux
Dmitry has an article about the Veeam Agent for Linux.  In my past life as an overlay for VMware Sales I knew a fair number of customers that would love this tool.   And I like how it is integrated with Veeam Backup & Replication.  Which means once the backup is in your VBR repository you can teat it like other backups.

How not to quit your job
Great article by Bob Plankers and it is interesting how dumb people can get.

AirPods – Ultimate Guide
Both my wife and I have and use AirPods.  I am very happy with them and while I don’t use the Siri integration much, my wife does.  Walking a long way home in the winter, listening to an audio book is what she does.  And when a text comes in, or she needs to send one, or whatever, it is pretty easy and her fingers don’t get cold. Here is a nice guide to all things AirPods.

News App – The Ultimate Guide
In Canada the News App is not available – and I wish it was – but it is in a number of other countries like the US and Australia and the UK.  So this very useful guide could be helpful if you could use this app but done.

The pilot that landed on the streets of New York – twice!
A great story about this amazing pilot – thanks to Bob for sharing it.

How to get Spotlight to show you the right results on your Mac
This is not something that most people will not need, but just in case, if you need help getting Spotlight to find the right results this article will help.

How to identify High – Performance GPU apps on a MacBook Pro
An interesting article that shows you how to tell if an app is using the high end graphics card or the integrated.  The key here is knowing that the high end graphics card uses up more battery then the integrated one. The info applies to most MBP and is interesting and helpful too around battery usage.

Stats on your Mac in Notifications
There is a new tool on my Mac.  It is called Monity and it provides very cool system information and stats in Notifications. I have removed iStats and a battery info tool and Monity does all I need.  Very powerful and cool.

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