vSAN hardware compatibility issue – and the solution, not what I expected!

I am building out a new pod at work for my lab.  It has four new R730 Dell servers that are completely on the HCL for vSAN.  It was important to me, so not only did I confirm that myself but I got someone else to confirm.  When I installed vSAN in in our management cluster it was all good.  Then I did it in my pod but this time instead of vSphere 6.5 it is 6.0 U3.  And when I was done and all was good I saw this:

I had decided at the last minute to use the Dell vSphere build.  And it turns out to have an old driver.  So I switch to the Dell OpenManage tool as it is what I use for updates and figure it is an easy fix.

But then I see something odd:

First Dell thinks my H730 mini driver version is current.  And second, it thinks it is which is a different set of numbers compared to what vSphere shows.

So this is odd.  Now what?

So I talk to the Slack vExpert vSAN channel and Jase answers – and much thanks for that too Jase.

Turns out if I had used the VMware build instead of the dell build I would not have had this issue.  And there is an update for the driver if I check the VCG.

Plus, I can update this driver in a number of different ways – not with the Dell OM tool I like so much, but with VUM (example here) – which most of you should use for this, or a CLI method that works fine too.

So lets do the update.

  • need to download and extract the update, so that you can upload the .vib file to the /tmp folder on your hosts.

  • We can see it in the screenshot above in that it starts with lsi and ends with .vib.
  • After the update you will need to do a reboot, so I like to put the host into maintenance mode before I do this update.
  • Now we are ready to do the update.  If you copied the file to the /tmp folder, you will use a command line like below.

esxcli software vib install -v /tmp/lsi-mr3-6.903.85.00-10EM.600.0.0.2768847.x86_64.vib

  • You can see above after I have hit return.
  • Now below you can see it has finished.

  • So now we restart.
  • And we see what we did is good.

So we now know how to solve the problem we started with.  While I tested this fix manually, I would most certainly use VUM to push this VIB out everywhere.

BTW, here is some background info on this controller and vSAN.


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5 thoughts on “vSAN hardware compatibility issue – and the solution, not what I expected!

  1. Hello

    I’m coming around the same issue. This is pure madness !!!

    Sorry but I wish I had the responsible of this fail in front of me right now, he would eat his own teeths !

    So what is happening is that I installed the official dell customized esxi 6.5 U1 ISO, which is coming with a PERC 730 mini driver which is apparently NOT on the vSAN HCL list <_< But comon guys please…PLEASE !!!! We are NOT talking about the latest random chinese ISO, no no it is the latest fucking OFFICIAL DELL ESXi 6.5 U1 ISO !!! Dell who, as a reminder, is OWNING VMWARE and who's incompetent bunch of retards are still managing to pack incompatible drivers within. Whats the fucking point seriously ? I mean you are the fucking same company !!! Fucking shit if it was for me, people responsible of this BS would be so fucking FIRED !

    But ok, you know what ? nevermind ! let's go over this. Now I was to the point that I wanted to manually install the famous "910.18.00-1vmw.650.0.0.4564106" VIB. Guess what : I searched the whole internet, went to the latest available google page, this freaking driver just ISN'T available to download. It just doesn't exist !!! On the vmware HCL page, no link or anything.

    So what know ? the damn software is giving an error which is impossible to correct since the driver is siting somewhere in the 5th dimension !!!

    Seriously ? What the fuck DELL ?????

    1. I do understand your frustration. It is not only two companies, but there is multiple groups within those two companies so it does make this sort of thing easy to have happen. Not an excuse mind you as it is their job to get this all right.


    2. I can verify the vib is available in the offline bundle of 6.5. Link: https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/details?downloadGroup=ESXI65U1&productId=614 I was able to successfully load the driver for the PERC H730P mini but the current firmware of is installed on the host but shows non-compliant warning because it does not appear to detect and shows N/A. I have tickets open with vmware and Dell to work the issue but both seem to be really good at pointing fingers with little or no guidance. This really sucks for vSan customers using high end Dell servers. The investment price is way too high to have this low priority level of support.

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