Why have the Dell OpenManage integration for vCenter?

It is not because it is a vSphere Web Client plug-in.  It is not because on each host I have information like the screenshot below shows.


It is not because of the screenshot below either.

Dell server info at the Cluster level

While all the things I mention / show are nice, the following screen is what I really like the best.

Firmware Update Wizard!

I started the Firmware Update process on a host – bosesx01 in this case.  It will allow me to update firmware – like server BIOS – without an outage.  Sort of like VUM but for Dell hardware.  I can do this at the cluster level, or at the host level.  I am doing it here at the host level since I am playing and learning.

But I have not mentioned something else that is important.  You can decide to enable a very interesting feature that is off by default.  You can enable a feature that will put a host into maintenance mode if it has a hardware issue.  Something to test and learn about before you enable it but it is very handy indeed!

Tour Time

So some time has passed, enough so my Inventory retrieval has run.  Lets go look.  You should see something at the Cluster level, and on Monitor / Dell Cluster Information.  Like below.


Or if you change to the Firmware option you will see something like below.


Have a great day – and don’t forget questions or comments are welcome!

You can learn more about this great tool from Dell here, or see the list of articles I have done on it here.


  • 3/4/17 – first release.


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