Veeam and access to private and non-routing networks

Storage networks and vMotion networks should be private and non-routing. But when you do that – lately for me – people think that you cannot use NFS backups with Veeam. But you can in fact. Easy if you know how. So guess what – I will show you how. This is good to know since it means you can have a very fast backup and that is always good.

  • To get started, you should obtain an IP address on your storage network.
  • Get a VM Network on your NFS vmkernal switch. I call mine VM NFS and it looks like below.


  • Add an network adapter to the Veeam Backup server that is doing the backup. And the network for it should be the VM NFS we did above.


  • You can see the extra network adapter – and it is on VM NFS – as seen above.
  • Below you add a NFS network IP to the adapter.


  • Now the default configuration of your backup proxies should in fact start using NFS to do backups. If they do, you will see proof in the history.


  • The arrow indicates the [nfs] so you know that NFS was used to access the disk.
  • But sometimes that will not happen – you see something else instead of the nfs.  You can force it to happen. You need to access the properties of the Backup Proxy.


  • You can see that mine has a Transport mode of Automatic and that is the best as it provides flexibility.  But if you need to you can change that to Direct Storage to take advantage of Direct NFS backups.
  • So use the Choose button above.


  • If you select Direct storage access as seen above you will be good.


  • As seen above now you will only use Direct Storage and that means you will get the much faster Direct NFS backups. They are faster but also minimize the impact on ESXi hosts too.

So, there you have it – you get to maintain your private and non-routing storage network, but yet get the power of Direct Storage backups.

BTW, the reason I am doing this article is that two people recently thought that private and non-routing networks meant they could not do Direct Storage backups. I was surprised and since they were skeptical I thought I would do this article.

Questions or comments let me know,


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