Congrats to the 2017 Veeam Vanguards!

Congrats to each of the new and returning Veeam Vanguards. You will be able to see them up here soon.  We take very good care of our Vanguards.  They get great swag, and a Slack channel to talk with us, and we often give them demo’s of new stuff before anyone else sees it, and priority access to support (and beta), and even interactions with R&D. So as a result of that it is quite the selection process. I thought it worth sharing a little of it with you.

We had to drop a few and were only able to add in a few.  It is a very expensive program and we put a lot of time and effort into it.  You would not believe how many meetings and the time to make the decisions this year.  We have it capped this year at 62.  It was a lot of work to decide, but I thought that I would share a bit about how it goes.  We need to know what you have done for the community, and for Veeam customers.  That helps us pick you, and rate you higher.  More for the community and Veeam customers and you get rated higher. So this means you need to mention when you apply, the blog articles, videos or speaking engagements.  If you don’t let us know about them how do you expect us to find them?  We cannot take a lot of time to investigate everyone. So with these ratings it helps us decide who is in, or who is out.  It is not completely empirical but it is close.

I suggest if you are serious, and you want us to consider you seriously, you should include your Linked In, blog, videos, speaking engagements – any and everything you have that shows you supported Veeam customers in the community.  It can be other things too – like running a Veeam User Group, or doing wickedly cool and useful PowerShell.  Remember, and remember well, we want to hear about what you did for Veeam and our customers in the past.  We do not want to hear you say “if I am selected I will talk about Veeam” but yet I did in fact read that a few times.

Hope this helps.

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