Newsletter: December 10, 2016

Hello everyone,I am in Chandler, AZ this weekend. Just left the Gartner DC show in and our team meeting in Vegas and this coming week more meetings. Also this coming week Rawlinson Riveria and I were going to do a Veeam Live. As you may know Rawlinson is not with VMware any longer, so not sure what will happen but we are – I hope – scrambling to find someone very knowledgeable. I know who I hope to do the show with – update – he is in!

BTW, for anyone that has my mobile number, it has changed. Reach out via email to get the new one. The reason I had to change was WindMobile – now Freedom Mobile is not really set up to handle a roadwarriror. Many of the countries I visit have very expensive data rates. One time I got lost in St-Petersburg I spent 700 CAD on data. The best plan I could find was T-Mobile ONE so a new phone number was required (they cannot port a number through the border).

I did update my new Mac article recently after confirming a HDMI adapter worked when some were reporting some HDMI adapters don’t work.

I do have lots to share, so, no surprise, lets get started. Have a wonderful week.


Backup performance of VMware VVOLs

I have heard of people hesitating over VVOLs. Not for technical reasons as they had none. But because it was new and it was different. Plus, it needed both VMware, and the storage vendor do things different and that was worrisome. But, I think about how LUNs SUCK and how the unit of measure is the VM in VVOLs rather than LUNs. So I can’t wait to start playing with VVOLs. Soon in my work lab I think! But this article by Luca is most excellent. It shows some definitive improvements in backup performance for backups when VVOLs are used. So check out his article, and some of the links and you will learn a lot more about VVOLs and that is a very good idea.

Microsoft Clustering on VMware vSphere

The KB article on this was updated very recently. Important info if you are doing MS Clustering.

Automating The Build of your vSphere 6.5 Home lab

Alan has an article that has the details of an automated build script that was used for the great VMworld Hackathons. Very cool, and very handy for learning more about home lab build out scripts.

How to use ESXCli v2 Commands in PowerCLI

Here is an article that will help you use ESXCli commands in PowerCLI which is very good to know as it allows for some serious flexibility and power.

vSphere HTML5 Web Client Fling – now at 2.17

Nice to see this updated again – especially since I use it in my home lab as it is still 6.0.

How to create a USB media with ESXi 6.5 Installation

Good info if you want to have a USB based 6.5 to install or upgrade. If you have a flaky DVD in one host like I do this can be quite helpful.

Duncan’s ESXTOP pages updated

Which you can find here. Excellent resource.

VMware vSphere 6.5 and New Image Builder GUI

A nice explanation of making the new Image Builder work – nice that it is in the vSphere Web Client now too. The article shows you how to enable, and do work with the new Image Builder. Nicely done.

Allocation Unit Size and Automatic Windows in-guest UNMAP on VMware

Very interesting article by Cody on how allocation unit size can stop automatic UNMAP. BTW, here is more on this subject that is interesting and good to know.

Determining if your array supports UNMAP

I have done several newsletters – including this one where I talk about or refer to UNMAP and I realized that I should have started first with the info to tell if your array supports UNMAP or not. Find that article here.

What’s New in vSphere 6.5: vSphere Integrated Containers

You can see the announcement of VIC, but also some good info on the what too.

Why VMware View?

I watched some people at a shop recently having issues with Citrix. Brought back memories. So here is the VMware web site about Why View.

Horizon 7 and App Volumes 2.x Updates

Sean has an update in this area. Some good improvements in fact – like better Win10 support, and improvements in Linux support too. There was also updated clients recently too which you can find here. I think that others will like the multi – monitor support for those who do Blast.

Log Insight – API dropped vs. syslog dropped

Steve explains the difference between the two of these and it is interesting and he reminds us of a ‘best suggestion’ of making sure notifications are enabled everywhere.

Log Insight – System Notification Enhancements

Good info on this subject in this article. You can enable / disable things and there is some changes too – so nice changes in 4.0.

Features of the new Dell PowerEdge Management Pack

If you use vRealize Operations and Dell hardware you may really like this vROps management pack. See more here.

David Davis on vRealize Operations – Post 34 – New! Predictive DRS with vRealize Operations

An article about a new feature in vSphere 6.5 that when supported by a new version of vRealize Operations it is almost like magic. I think this is very cool stuff.

Wifi Network Mapping

Someone was talking about this sort of thing, and I was thinking of doing it myself to see if I would learn more about my home Wifi. This tool was suggested as being easy to use, and useful as well.

I don’t like blade servers either

I was still in Professional Services when blades were introduced and I never liked them. I experimented with them for customers and there was always something not quite right. One vendor could only have a chassis half filled with bladed, or another could have the chassis full but had crap management. That was long ago, and a few days ago I saw Luca’s article about how he doesn’t like blade servers either. I thought it worth sharing and interesting how long the things have lasted.

Veeam Managment pack v8 Update 3 is now available

This is a big update in that it has Win2K16 support, as well as support for Veeam B&R 9.5 and vSphere 6.5. VSAN alone has now over 70 metrics for monitoring. Here is the full info.

Veeam Office 365 Backup – non domain accounts and file shares

Matt has an article on issues he had with using file shares to host is O365 backups. As he had troubles, and figured it out too he wrote it up. I suspect that others may experience this too so it is good he shared.

Product Review : SolarWinds Virtualization Manager 7.0

I have written about VMan before but in this third party review they also look at Orion which I have not done. Once I have my new work lab, I think I will add both VMan and Orion too it. Looks like a very good combination.

Changing QoS during Veeam backups

This is in fact a very good idea to have and do. Meaning have QoS on VMs to manage performance expectations, but yet, remove that at night (on the Veeam server) when you do backups – this example on Tintri storage.

Does Veeam need the Win2K16 Desktop Experience installed?

Yes for the backup server and no for proxy or repository servers.

Veeam Backup CIFS Static Data Arching

An interesting article on data archiving using Veeam where the data is held on CIFS shares.

VCDX Deep-Dive Series

An interesting set of articles that will help you get your VCDX but also help you learn more about vSphere.

My NetGear Orbi Review

A well done review of the Orbi gear by Eric Siebert. I agree with some of his points – in terms of nice hardware but very poor admin UI. While I have not used the Orbi gear other NetApp gear does have poorly design admin UI as well.

How to get started with DIY home surveillance systems

Two of my neighbors have external home surveillance systems so that means I should probably get some too! Here is an article that can help me – or you – get started. Here is some additional info that can help.

Gestalt IT – State of the Industry – Network Analytics

And interesting article that is less state of the industry and rather an interesting report from a Tech Field Day.

Proactive, Real-time, Monitoring and Alerting for Customer Engagement

We have seen things in our industry like EMC sending a drive, and a tech to fix something before the customer knows there is an issue. And, I have seen the power of phone home that can find issues more sophisticated than a dead disk. But in this article you can learn what Rubrik does in this area and it is the next generation.

Win 10 in-place upgrade security risk

I learned about this horrible Windows vulnerability in that when an upgrade occurs that you can bypass bypass Bitlocker and have access to files – which of course the end user thinks in fact not possible. Thanks to Anton sharing this. Be sure to read part 2 of the article as well. So good I am a Mac user as I do use full disk encryption and depend on it.

The Evolution of Airline Cooking

This is a quite interesting look at the past and present of airline cooking.

Amazing site for learning about Avalanche

My wife and I are mountain people – summer and winter. For winter, my wife is a trained avalanche person and I am not. But she found a site that is very well done that tells a story about a particular accident in the backcounry. Check out the article if you are interesting in avalanche stories, or if you want to see an interesting way of telling a story. Very well done.

Beware – USB-C HDMI Adapters are flaky with 2016 MacBook Pro

Stephen has an article about issues with a particular HDMI adapter for USB Type C and the MBP. I have the same adapter – I bought it at the same place as Stephen but mine works fine. His adapter has a stylized M on it and my has a IIIP on it. But it is still on the Monoprice web site (here) and it works fine. I have used it in several places with HDMI displays and no issues.

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