VMware Tools Not Installed on Windows 2016, but …..

Hi there,

Working on my Win2K16 VMware template.  Been a bit painful.  I installed VMware Tools and restarted but still saw this in the vSphere Web Client.


Odd.  I checked the running services and there was only one and it was something about alias.  I knew I installed the tools and restarted so WTF.  Nothing in Google.

So, I have had some issues with Win2K16, and it has been a long day. So I uninstalled the tools, and restart.  But this time, when I install the tools, I click on setup64 and do the Run as Admin, and before I restart my VMware Tools message is gone.  After the restart, I check to see what VMware services are installed.


So there is three instead of 1.  And the message about VMware Tools not installed is gone.  So all good.  But, now I have to remember that for Win2K16 I need to install VMware Tools using the Run as Admin.  I should mention I am in fact working as Administrator right now too.

Not sure what changed.


=== END ===

8 thoughts on “VMware Tools Not Installed on Windows 2016, but …..

  1. Thanks for this. Worked for me too but I needed to copy the files to the desktop (even though I’m logged in as the local admin user) before I could get it to work. Complete uninstall, reboot, copy files to desktop, run setup64 as admin.

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