Moving to a new Apple Watch – from an old Apple Watch

Hello everyone,

I did get the Series 2 watch – wanted the water resistant capability and GPS, and now I need to make it work.

  • So you need to unpair your old watch first – which makes a backup. Access the Watch app, select your watch, select the I.


  • Then select the Red Unpair Apple Watch option.


  • This will produce the backup we will use when we pair with the new Apple Watch.
  • To successfully unpair you will need your Apple id pw. if you use a complex one like I do be happy you can copy from 1Password and paste where necessary.
  • After you unpair you can in fact pair.
  • Be aware that the Series 2 watch will not charge from the Series 1 cable when plugged in the USB port of your MBA – but it does when plugged into the wall. Odd.
  • When I paired, I had three backups to choose from and none from today. A little confusing. I wonder if it can only manage three so mine was lost instead of the oldest one?
  • Since I did not see my most recent backup I tried a few things and the watch got confused. So I held down push button on it – not the dial – until it powered down. Then I powered it up and we could continue.
  • So I used my most recent backup which was 9/29/16 where today date is 11/1/16. And went through the process.
  • And, for whatever reason, my run info from yesterday is there. So all good.
  • I did have to upgrade to 3.1. Took a bit.
  • Don’t forget to turn back on Auto Unlock – love that feature.

Also, something odd. Likely will not impact any of you. But, just in case here it is. This morning when my fitbit alarm went off – yes I use a fitbit for a silent alarm and nothing else – my watch also went off. So not sure why – my watch did have an alarm set – not anymore mind you – but not sure where it came from?  This may be connected to the old backup I used – which as I mentioned also had very recent data in it.

But the new watch has all the old data and is working fine.


  • 11/12/16 – I have noticed after using the new watch for a while, and watchOS 3.1 that I am getting a lot more battery life – about 50%.  Nice thing to discover!


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4 thoughts on “Moving to a new Apple Watch – from an old Apple Watch

  1. I got my Nike+ Watch also last friday! I am very happy with it. Will look into Auto Unlock next as soon as I have the new MBP…

      1. But isn’t the new TouchID feature in the Touch Bar more safe to use instead of Auto Unlock? It is easier to loose the watch instead of my fingerprint 🙂

      2. Hi Patrick,

        Yes, I will use the TouchID when I have it to login or unlock. But in the mean time on my old MBA the Auto Unlock is pretty handy.


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