Why I like the vExpert program!

Someone I work with – and quite like – made some disparaging comments on the vExpert program.  I did not have much time to ask about it, but it was mostly due to how easy it is to get into.  He is part of the Microsoft one and that one is very hard to get into, and to his thinking that makes it better.

This got me to thinking, and here is what I figure.

What I don’t like

It is easier to mention this as there is not much.

  • We should get support and we don’t.
  • While we get bits, we only get major versions, and patches / updates are a little harder.  If the updates are built into the app like the vCSA we are good.  If it is not – like with View it becomes harder.  Just because we have licenses doesn’t make it easier to get bits – other than NFR copies that is – which you can only do once and they expire too.  I would like this to be improved but I can deal with it in the meantime.

What I do like

In no particular order:

  • I like the vExpert parties at VMworld
  • I like the vExpert briefings – a great way to learn about cool new technology before others
  • I like the people who run it – first John, than Corey, and they are very helpful and easy to find and work with.
  • I like the Swag, such as the DataGravity golf shirt I gave out once, and the Cohesity laptop bag.  But there are many good choices around for nice swag as part of vExpert.
  • I like how we get licenses for particularly everything.  This is very key for me and in fact the most important feature of vExpert.
  • A nice list of freebies can be found here.
  • One of the very nice freebies is a year subscription to Pluralsight.  Really appreciate that!
  • I have not used it lately, but I used to use and really like Ravello and vExperts get a 1000 CPU hours per month from them
  • I like the vExpert Slack channel – good way to learn and share.

How it could improve?

  • Short term some sort of basic support would be very much appreciated.
  • I wonder if it could be made a little tougher to get into?  So smaller numbers, but the people that do get in are just not retweeters but creators – blogs, presentations, and are out in front of people a lot. This might make it easier to get support to people?
  • I would like to buy a nice golf shirt – that is vExpert.  So not sponsored by anyone, but one I could put my twitter handle on, the years of my vExpert, and I would be happy to pay for it.

I like the program, a lot, and as a result, I care about it.  I want it to improve a little as I think it would help the program.


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