Why vExperts should get some support!

Hi all,

If you download Veeam to test it out you get basic support.  If you are a Veeam Vanguard you get premier support.

As a vExpert we get no support.  I think we should get some basic level of support.

I recently enabled VSAN in my lab and it went very poor.  It impacted networking and host stability.  I had to not only turn off VSAN but remove the disk groups to bring host stability back.

I do use the Support Assistant, and submit logs, but I think with this problem VMware could have learned from it.  Part of the problem was an older adapter / driver / firmware but that should not have destabilized hosts.

I think that VSAN issue may have caused my VCSA 503 error (and this one) but I am not sure.  I think again based on the number of hits I got on this issue when searching for help, that again VMware could have learned from the logs again.

If there was support, I would be happy to spend my time with the support team so that they could learn everything they need, and so that I could get my lab back – too late now as I rebuilt everything. Very basic support is all I want.


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3 thoughts on “Why vExperts should get some support!

  1. Couldn’t agree more, this has been a point of huge frustration for many an EVALExperience owner with no support, or $300 per incident support if you get the cheapest Academic vSphere licenses. Painful. I’ll also reluctantly admit that with some recently horrible experiences with Microsoft MSDN support, crummy support is the norm these days.

    1. Hi Paul,

      Veeam gives very good support to its Vanguards. But generally speaking I would agree with you that the overall average of support is dropping in quality. Veeam works hard to produce good support, and in the past in my dealing with VMware support they worked real hard at doing good support too. It is frustrating as I do so much for VMware. I am the only guy on the team at work that really tries to help VMware customers out, and we have zillions of happy VMware customers, and with all the blogging I do, and all the education I do for customers on cool VMware stuff at events, and yet, zippo for support. Really too bad. But VMware knows this, and are thinking about it I am told. So we will see.

      Thanks for the comments Paul,


  2. I also agree, they should extend support! I bought EVALExperience to be able to try things and than my only support is by reading blogs, asking in forums etc

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