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Hello all,

I am writing this – still – from St. Petersberg.  A great city.  I got lost walking to work this week, and yes I was using my iPhone to navigate but the GPS had some difficulties – a first actually.  So instead of 4.5 KM it was 10 KM.  But wow, what a great city, so very beautiful.  I walked beside an amazing river – that I saw two warships moored in last visit, and beside amazing canals too.  And old and new buildings with great character, as well as lots of interesting people. I really enjoyed the walk.  I look forward to it Monday as well!

An interesting week with R&D and that is always good.  I helped to make some good decisions, and this week I even get to present and teach dev / QA about cool stuff. But I also need to prep some stuff for VMworld and I really need to do that this week too!  I bet I am not the only one doing that! In case you are curious I have one vBrownbag session, one whiteboard session for the booth, and I need to prepare for my Hackathon team. Plus I have a full pass this VMworld so I need to make the best of it too!

BTW, remember the Supermicro vs. NUC article? And the setup of Supermicro article? I was talking to a co-worker (a new one that I am quite looking forward to working with) and he is going to buy a Supermicro like mine.  I realized at that time I need another one.  Good grief. NUC’s do have their place, but I like the Supermicro for the memory (128 GB), KVM, and the 10 GB network ports.

ABTW, I use the vSphere Web Client a lot. I started with that back at 5.0, or maybe just before and I had to.  Worked at VMware and needed to find bugs and make suggestions.  I found I liked it but it was slow. So now in 6.0 U2 I don’t think it slow and I use it all the time and really like it. You can see here why. But when I checked out INF8172 at VMworld I was very surprised and very pleased.  Surprised at the improvements, but also by the fact that HTML5 Client and the Web Client will ship together in the next release.  As much as I like the vSphere Web Client, I really like the changes on the way! The new name is vSphere Client. You can be ready for the new HTML5 client by using the fling now.

Now I need to share some stuff – have a great week!


VMworld 2016 Europe: Hot Topics
A nice list of sessions you can look forward to in Barcelona in a week or two.  No session numbers, and no links which is too bad! It also makes me smile when people say hot topics before the event.

VMworld Europe 2016: vCloud Air Network out in Force
Anthony has an article about all of the different vCloud Air related sessions at VMworld EMEA. And yes, Anthony, agreed, LongLivevCD!

Storage Policy blank when enabling VSAN Performance Service
Chris found an interesting issue recently – which I think others might find, and he was kind enough to share the solution as well!

Query ESXi Hosts Serial Numbers
I had to do this once long ago.  But when it was ESX and it was a little harder.  Glad it is easier now.

Orphan files revisited
Nice article with a very handy script that will help you find orphaned VMDKs.

SANS PowerShell Cheat Sheet from SEC560 Course
A nice PowerShell cheat sheet that shows tips on working with PowerShell.  Nice collection of security related tips.

A few VMware Virtual Volumes (VVols) tips
An article with some good things to know before you do VVols.  But do, you should.

VSAN Upgrading from 6.1 to 6.2 Hybrid to All-Flash – Part 1
I know someone who is about to do this.  I think that this article (s) is a good reference to use!

VMware Validated Designs 3.0
You can find them here. And the release notes. Curious if they meet customer needs or are customers in a position of having too disparate infrastructures? Curious if anyone uses them more as education or as indication of what VMware has built and tested?

VMware Offers Free Windows 10 Assessment and migration Tool at Microsoft Ignite
Nice to see this as I think it might help out customers move to the newer Win10.  In fact, if it works well, and is well designed I suspect a lot of people will be helped with it.   And knowing – only a little mind you – about AirWatch leads me to believe this might be very well done.

Did you know #1 – Controlling Alert Storms During Maintenance with vROps
A very nice feature is shown off in this article.  Most excellent reminder for people that there is a maintenance mode / windows capability in vROps. Very good way to avoid needless alerts!

Announcing the new VMware App Volumes Reviewers Guide
These Reviewers Guides are quite useful.  Not just to test out some new software – like App Volumes in this case – but also just learn a little by reading it. So if you want to evaluate, or just learn about App Volumes you can check this out.

The Ultimate Guide to What’s New in VMware End-User Computing
In case you are not sure what has been released with EUC this article will bring you up to speed.  The key thing to me is that View 7.02 has Blast Extreme.  I hear that it performs as good as PCoIP and only needs normal ports.  That will be very helpful indeed!

Windows 10 optimization test results for View Desktops in VMware Horizon 7
Interesting test shows that optimization using the fling can make some serious improvements in performance.  Nice.

Using iPad in Kiosk Mode with Horizon View
I can see this used in a school, or a trade show.  Handy info to have I think. Nice article.

HTML5 Client updated – now at 2.8
You can read the changelog, but this is something good to be using in your lab.  It is a sign of things to be in the future, and it is a joy to use. You can download this great tool here, and BTW, my upgrade was smooth and easy.

Seeding Veeam Cloud Connect – Part 3 Replication jobs
Luca has another great article on seeding in the Veeam Cloud Connect. This three part series is quite useful if you are using Veeam and working with a Veeam Cloud partner.  Which I think most Veeam customers should!  BTW, here is part 1, and part 2.  All good stuff.

Veeam Repository Best Practices
Matt has some good stuff for you to think about when it comes to Veeam Repositories. Here is part 1, part 2, and part 3. It is easy to do repositories, and easy to do backup and restore with Veeam.  And it will work fine.  But, with some thought, and some prep it can run better.  Faster.  Less issues. Thus why Matt is sharing some good things to think about.

Advanced ReFS integration coming in Veeam Availability Suite 9.5
This is something I have mentioned before, but I really like the ReFS support in 9.5.  Rick has an article with some specific examples on why.

How to move Veeam backup files to new location / repository
Someone was asking about this recently and so I thought I would share this very nice KB article on how to accomplish the move.

Does the Veeam upgrade process do a sanity check of some sort before upgrade?
Yes, I confirmed it does. It will not uninstall the previous before if there is an issue (or incompatibility) found, thus will not do the upgrade if there is any issues.

Deploy, configure, and remotely manage Nano Server
A session from the Microsoft Ignite on exactly what I hope to be doing soon – deploying, configuring and managing remotely Nano Server!  This is most impressive since I can access the slides without hassle – just click.  BTW, the button labeled second screen gives you the option to watch the video.

Create a USB stick for Win2K16 installation
This is a cool use of USB.  Good to know it works!

Microsoft Ignite On-Demand
When I grabbed this link as one I wanted to share it had 4 sessions to share via on-demand.  Now it has 69.  Gotta like that!

How to backup and restore Group Policy Objects
You can find out how in this article. I should mention that when you use Veeam to backup your AD DC you can restore any GPO object you might need. I suggest you don’t do backups of AD DC so that you can restore the whole VM- bad idea – IHMO. Just have enough DC’s that if one dies you are OK and deploy a new one. But a backed up DC has other use such as restore of GPO.

Replaced my Linksys router with eero 3-pack after also testing Luma mesh surround Wi-Fi, faster Internet in every room!
An interesting article that I think has convinced me to start upgrading the Wi-Fi in the house.  I have recently significantly upgraded my internet (150 MB down) and it would be nice to see that in Wi-Fi. Thanks to Paul for doing the testing.  The things that jump out at me from his testing is how the WAP will move you from 2.4 to 5 as necessary so you are not hooked by 2.4 and stay there.  The speed and admin sound pretty good.

Why AirPods are the best place for Siri
This article explains why the famous, and smart, Bill Atkinson thinks that Siri in your ear is a great idea.  Have you seen the movie – Her?

HomeLabOps via Slack
I quite like Slack, and I use it in a variety of places and think it quite useful.  I like how when something or someone mentions me by name, I get an alert on my computer if I am working there, but if I am away from the computer or the computer is off it comes to my phone, but if my phone is locked, it arrives on my Apple Watch.  Nice.  But in this article you can find out how to have some of your monitoring in your home lab arrive in Slack.  Very cool, and something I am going to do.

Veeam emails to Slack
Another cool use of Slack – have your Veeam backup / replication / VAO emails show up on Slack.  Something else I would like to do!  Would be great when I am out of the office.

vROps and Slack  – Collaborate your Ops
Yes, another article on Slack but this one will get your serious alerts from vROps into your Slack.  Pretty cool.

Who were the best vendors at VMworld US 2016?
You can see who won this year, and in fact previous years too in this article. These companies submit themselves and are generally pretty interesting.

Earth-Like planet found orbiting the nearest star to the Sun
This is pretty cool – a planet that might be useful to us? And not just for mining like some of the asteroids but maybe for life? Of course, it is not only far off in distance but also in time required for us to figure out if and how to get there.

Thanks for reading, or skimming this far!


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    1. Thanks, I am in fact looking at a few options, and I have heard that ubnt is quite good. A fair number of people I know of – in our technical space, are using them and quite happy!


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