Newsletter: August 21, 2016

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It has been quite the week.  I brought VSAN into my lab, and spent real money to do it and it was a disaster.  You can read about it here, and here. After I was gone for three or four days I find my vC was maybe not working so I restarted it.  Now, the Web Client doesn’t work but the C# client does (Web Client provides 503 endpoint errors).  So way too much unhappiness lately in my lab.

This week I attended a Veeam User Group meeting and that was most excellent.  Matt did a great job hosting it, and I had a wonderful time chatting with people.  As I have a product to represent I expect to do a lot more of that fun stuff!

Two guys I know and like a lot – William Lam and Alan Renouf are hosting a Hackathon at VMworld.  Anyone can help with it, and there are great prizes, and even food and drink.  If I was not already booked I would be there.  I think it will be the best fun of the event!

I updated one of my older articles – how to install OpenManage Integration for vCenter.  What a handy product! I also updated the one on Virtual Labs to make it more clear. I also updated my NUC article as the double port dongles really sucked.

I was in a training session to be authorized to talk to the press for my employer and I heard something quite interesting.  It was journalists today – and in fact many others too – equate popularity with importance.  I agree that many think that way, but I also believe that is something that is often not true. Things are important because they are important – like the right to life, and not because they are popular or not.

But like always, I have lots to share and little time to do it.  So lets get started.


Oracle, I’m sad about you, disappointed in you, and frustrated with you.
Chad has a most excellent article about the situation with Oracle.  I believe he has said it perfectly and it is a real issue, and one that we should in fact do something about. It was maybe 10 years ago that I was a professional services guy, and Oracle was a problem for people then too.

New ESXi 6.0.0 Patch released: includes critical bugfix
In talking with a group of customers lately, where some of them were vSphere 6.0 users, I realized  they did not know about an important vSphere 6 patch.  You can find more about it here.  I am told this patch includes CBT fixes that will help out backup users.  I did not find comment about that in any readme’s I found but I believe it to be correct.

Congrats to the vExpert NSX 2016
You can read about it here.  Most impressive actually as NSX is tough stuff!

Congrats to the vExpert VSAN 2016
I had thought of putting my name into the hat for this as I was a big supporter of VSAN in the early days, and knew it was going to be big.  But I had not been using it or writing about it lately so I did not submit my name.  But when I see the list of people that are now VSAN vExperts it is a most excellent list of smart people.  Well done.

VSAN – Compliance status is out of date
This is an interesting article about how to have your VM be compliant in VSAN.  I should mention that an additional method is to wait for resync to complete.

VMware VSAN 6.2 All-Flash Review
This is a nicely done review of VSAN by the people at Storage Review. I think that this review should help customers along with VSAN if they are hesitating.  But they shouldn’t – VSAN is great stuff.  But make sure you check the HCL!

Adding a second vNIC to the VCSA
While this may be unsupported, it is very handy to know. Find out how to add a second vNIC to VCSA in this article.

How to increase VCSA External PSC Disk Space in vSphere 6.0
This article can help you add disk-space to your VCSA.  I checked my VCSA and my log system was 86% full so very good info!

Verify vMotion functionality using PowerCLI
This is a very nice script – and yes, I do this test manually currently.  So a script is even better! Thanks for this Magnus!

VMware KB Digest – new KB articles published for week ending 8/13/16
This article has quite a number of interesting articles referenced in it.  A good one on View 7 load-balancing, and one on MacAfee antivirus.  Always good to skim this article in case something catches your eye.  Always good to be proactive as a PS guy, and this article might help you do that.

vMA 6: Recover vi-admin Password and Remove Password Complexity
A nice article about dealing with a forgotten password but also how you can use a simple password that normally you cannot. I have had to recover passwords in the vMA before.  Sucks.

SRM and Log Insight
I see in this article that SRM has a Log Insight Content Pack – which is good, but I wonder how hard it is to get the SRM logs into syslog and into Log Insight.  Also, remember that to get this done right and be most effective, you will need vC, ESXi, storage and SRM logs into Log Insight I believe.

VMware Horizon Client (PCoIP & Blast) Connection Workflow
A nice article that talks about how the traffic looks for connecting inwards from the View client using various protocols.  Very good info if you are doing View work as sometimes the firewall stuff is complex!

Battle Royale: View Composer vs. Instant-Clones – Deploy
This is a good article to see the difference in resource cost to deploy 100 VMS via Composer vs. Instant Clones.  Quite interesting!

HomeLab: Dynamic DNS Requirements
Christian has an article about requiring dynamic DNS for his home lab, and an article about he he satisfies his need. I used to have this issue, and it is interesting how painful or easy it can be to solve.  But, I am also very lucky now that I have a static IP for my home lab.

Least user privilege for Management Pack for Storage Devices
This vROps management pack is quite useful, in that it helps you manage truly the complete application stack.  In this article you learn what the least user privileges are required to make things work.  Always good to do least user privilege.

All learn and no play makes Jack a dull boy at VMworld
We have seen a number of lists of this or that but here is a nice one and some of the social things you should be aware of at VMworld!  I hope to see you at some of them, but particularly the Veeam party!

VMworld 2016 vSphere Security Sessions
These security sessions at VMworld sound wonderful.  I wish I was able to attend them.  Check out Mike’s article on what is happening in the security space at VMworld.

Top 10 Can’t Miss EUC Sessions at VMworld 2016
Here is a pretty interesting list of EUC sessions you might want to think about.

My Top 10 Must See VMworld US 2016 sessions
Ray Heffer is one smart dude.  So his list should be interesting – and it certainly is.  Check it out here.

VMworld Mobile App now available
I suggest you build your schedule on a Mac or PC and then consume it while at the event in the mobile app.  Very handy.  Find it here.

VMworld 2016 Gatherings, meetups, and parties
Here is the master list for social gathers at VMworld.  Wow, it is pretty big!

vCheck 6.23
There is an updated vCheck that can be found here.  This most excellent utility is one most of us should have in our lab.  Very good way to have an overview of things.  I have an email from vCheck every morning and it is quite illuminating.  If you need some help getting it going you can find it here.

Top 5 Freeware Tools for VDI System Administrators
I know many of you like lists and this is one I have not seen before.  A list of the top 5 free tools for VDI admins.

vSphereDSC – Intro
Luc has a very interesting article about Desired State Configuration (DSC) and vSphere.  This is pretty cool stuff and very good learning.

PowerShell on Linux and Open Source!
This article talks about how PowerShell is now available on Linux and Mac.  So that is amazing – right?  Who would have thought it? The bits are here. Here is a video.

PowerCLI at VMworld US 2016
A nice list of PowerCLI sessions at VMworld.  If you are interested in PowerCLI there is lots to choose from.

Free Microsoft eBooks
Thanks to Scott Lowe I saw this – the opportunity to download a lot of different books.

Best Fix: Windows 10 Freezes and Crashes after Anniversary Update
I have it on good authority (thanks Pietro Piutti) that this article will help if get a hung Win 10 instance during the Anniversary update.

HPE Introduces StoreVirtual 3200: revolution instead of evolution
This sounds like a very interesting new storage appliance. I have always been found of LeftHand and I see it has come a long way!

Backup and archive to AWS Storage Gateway VTL with Veeam Backup & Replication v9
I was quite surprised to see this as I had no idea it was under way.  But if you want to backup to a tape machine that is actually on AWS you can!

I wrote a book! (and it’s about Veeam Cloud Connect)
Luca has written a book, and it is pretty darn good.  I have talked about it before but you can find the story of it here.

Veeam vCenter Migration Utility
Since Veeam uses MoRef to identify VMs when there is a new vCenter, which means new MoRef, that can be an issue.  So it is good that Veeam has a utility to map between old and new MoRef ID’s and here is an article to help with that.

Veeam 9 Update 2 Released – Cloud Connect Enhancements
Anthony Spiteri has an article for Cloud providers about how Update 2 impacts them.  Some interesting improvements actually.

Further simplifying servicing models for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1
You have likely heard already how MS is changing the way updates will be packaged but you can find the full story here. I think that while some may not like this I think it is good.

An Early Access Look at Rubrik Firefly
Chris Wahl has a good article on some new things from Rubrik that are certainly interesting and up to the standard of imagination and thoughtfulness I expect from Rubrik.  As well, here is a third-party look on the same stuff.

Bungling Microsoft singlehandedly proves that golden backdoor keys are a terrible idea
So true.  Find the story here.

Getting Started with the Philips Hue Smart Light Bulbs
People are becoming more interested I believe in home automation.  And with the next release of iOS it will in fact be easier.  One place a variety of people I know have started with is Philips.  So in case it helps, here is an article about getting started with Philips gear.

Hey Siri!  Here’s a (mostly) comprehensive list of Siri commands
Here is quite a list of commands that Siri supports.  And, I have tried out a bunch of it on macOS Sierra too.  There is 433 commands with more than 1000 variations. I know I shared this list out before, when it was smaller, but with macOS doing Siri integration, I thought it was time to share it again!

Beta update – macOS and iOS
I am using the latest of both macOS and iOS and I am most impressed.  I am using the public beta and I suspect that helps but it is very low bad impact.  All my apps work fine so that is important.  My Apple Watch is not using beta so no auto unlock.  I like the updated Photo’s a lot on both Mac and iOS.  It is still disappointing that I cannot enter or update the location of pictures on the Mac. Using Siri on the Mac is a little different but sort of handy actually. Find a little more on iOS 10 and macOS Sierra.  I like the Feedback Assistant Apple has, I wish more companies would have something like that. BTW, some of the apps I have tested include  – View, Mail, Calendar, SecureCRT, SecureFX, Evernote, Office 2016 and Tweetbot. I forgot to mention that my anti – malware doesn’t work – but that is deliberate on its part unfortunately.  BTW, I use Trend Micro. Here is a third party article on iOS.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far!


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