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Update – 6/2/17 – so yesterday the Veeam CP was available both in the Marketplace, but also in the Solution Exchange.  5/4/17 – while all this info is good, and still works, Veeam is officially releasing – soon – a content pack.  So in the Marketplace and that is a good thing.  So that means I am not supporting this any longer.

Hi all,

I have a simple Content Pack (CP) now available for anyone that would like to try it out.  It is a draft and I am looking for suggestions to improve it.  I will go through updating it a few times before I pass it onto Engineering to do it officially. BTW, I assume you have Veeam sending your event logs via syslog to Log Insight.

The overview page is seen below and it has some totals to show.  BTW, there is the little i for info, and the search for each widget but you only see them when your cursor is in the widget.


You can see the backup jobs info below.


The backup copy jobs info is below.


You can access the current and old CP’s below.  You will need to unzip it when you have downloaded it and then use the Import button to import the CP. You can find it in the Content Packs area as seen below.


I would like to hear suggestions and comments to help improve this. I know it is a small start, but with some suggestions of what people would like to see in it I can improve it much more quickly.


  • 3/9/17 – Here is another update – Veeam – Backup & Replication v1.0.5.vlcp  – I still need to update the pictures above and will get to it soon. I fixed a bug in this version, and added a new widget.  Plus some tweaking of filters.
  • 2/3/17 – yes, this has taken me a long time.  Sorry about that.  Here is the latest version veeamv1-0-4-vlcp. It has been redone from scratch, and in LI 4.0 too.  I will update the pictures above as soon as I can.
  • 11/21/16 – Here is veeam-v1-0-3-vlcp and it is zipped. Unzip and import, and it will update if you have an older version or just install.  This is the version I have provided to Veeam Engineering as well. There is not much in this one but I can say it looks and works fine in Log Insight 4.0.
  • 7/14/16 – Here is the updated CP – Veeam v1.0.2.vlcp.  Don’t forget to unzip before importing it.  It has no new dashboards but it is in fact fixed up nicely for future things.  And I fixed some bugs.  You can upgrade in place by importing this one or you can uninstall the old one and install the new one. I did not update the screenshots above – only small changes – but I will with the next update which should have some new dashboards.
  • 7/13/16 – As background of why there is a widget for Successful Scheduled Backup Jobs over time, and a Successful Backup Jobs over time, is that not all backup jobs will finish with a field (veeam_eventlog_backup_jobname) existing and having a value of the jobname.  There is a small pattern emerging that is all scheduled backup jobs executing on schedule do have the field, and those that are triggered manually do not.  It turns out that is not 100% reliable but it is close.  Support is aware of it and are investigating. I also notice that in Successful Backup Jobs over time there is both backup, and backup copy. I will fix that in the next release. You can find v1.0 ==> Veeam v1.0.vlcp.

I appreciate any feedback!


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  1. This looks really nice. Too bad I can not try it out in free vRLI. It would be great to get a graphical overview (weekly or monthly) about backup times and overlapping jobs this way!

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