Using PowerShell with Veeam – remotely!

Hi all,

If you saw Luca’s post on doing PowerShell remotely (which is pretty darn cool) and you were new to PowerShell like me you may have had an issue.


The issue above is from my desktop where I have the Veeam console installed and I was trying to do the remote Veeam PowerShell stuff – in fact connect to the server.  If I was a little more experienced with PowerShell I would have figured this out.  So I am sharing what I did to make this work – and thanks to Daniel in Veeam support for the help!

Start PowerCLI on the desktop where you have installed the Veeam remote console.

Now execute:

asnp veeampssnapin

That will load the Veeam PowerShell snap-in.  For us vSphere guys the next step is quite logical.

Connect-VBRServer -server -port 9392

This will connect you to the Veeam server.  Substitute your own FQDN and port as necessary.  See below for what this looks like.


Now, we are connected to the Veeam server but lets confirm it.  One quick command to list the jobs is:

Get-VBRjob | format-table -Property Name,JobType

And I saw the following.


As you can see that command displayed all my jobs. So PowerShell on my local desktop is working with the Veeam snap-in to do stuff on the Veeam server.  Nice.


  • 7/11/16 – just wanted to make it most clear – where-ever you install the Veeam Remote Console you will find the Veeam PowerShell snap-in as well.


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