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I hope all is well with everyone today?  Things are good here.  A good week in the lab and helping this cool new Veeam product grow.  I also had to replace batteries in two UPS’s – thanks goodness I can easily use third party batteries for APC UPS.  I mentioned last week I would likely have an article this week for you about using vSearch but it is not done yet.  Soon I think.

I have talked with a few of you about the big fires north of me around Fort McMurray.  Firefighters from all over – not only the traditional US guys that help, but even from as far as South Africa.  But here is an article about the fire from a very different point of view – quite surprising.

If you are an American, and buy a lot of Kindle books, you may have a credit outstanding from the Apple eBook settlement.  Find out more here.

BTW, I did expenses this week.  And I have to say again, how much I like Expensify.  I consider myself lucky that this is the second company I have worked at that uses it.  Their tag line is “Expenses that don’t suck” and that is the truth.

As always, I have a lot to share, so lets get started!

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CBT Bugs – VMware Can’t Keep Letting this happen!
I mentioned this article last week, and it has since been updated in that it references a VMware KB article now. Still no fix though.  I heard over the twitterverse that someone I know has a different CBT bug outstanding and that it should be fixed soon.  So that means soon, we should see – hopefully both bugs fixed!

Quick Tip – How to create a Windows 2016 ISO supporting EFI boot w/o prompting to press a key
This is very cool indeed – once I start with Win2K16 I will be sure to use this info to help make things more smooth. I had always wondered about this.

Erasing VMware Virtual SAN Partitions
Jeff has an article to do this a little easier then I have done in the past.  I do a reboot to something like PartED or SystemRescue and delete the VSAN partitions with a partition tool.  Jeff does it at the CLI without a reboot so definitely easier.  BTW, if the disk is removed by VSAN in the UI it will be clean and you will not have this issue.

vSphere HTML5 Web Client – v1.11
We have another release of this nice utility, which I quite like, and the upgrade worked fine.  However, when the upgrade was done, and I started the HTML5 client, it said only initializing and not starting.  After about two minutes it had in fact started.  I used the command – /etc/init.d/vsphere-client status to check the status, and the first few tries showed initializing, and the third showed started.

Heads Up: OVF / OVA always deployed as Thick on VSAN when using vSphere Web Client
I heard people chatting about an issue the other day that this great article explains.  Thanks William!

Additional USB NIC for Inel NUCs running ESXi
In this article you can learn more about how to make additional USB NIC work in NUC gear.  Very handy for a lot of home lab people I think!

How to run a script from a vCenter Alarm action in VCSA
I have a few times used vCenter alarms to trigger scripts, but only in Windows.  So it was very good to see what William has in this article as I only use the VCSA now.

Using the VMCA to sign vRealize Log Insight 3.x (and vR Ops too)
This is most excellent.  An article that shows you how to use the VMCA to produce a signed cert that you can important into LI.  You should start with this article to setup your Microsoft PKI, than use this one to configure your PSC as a subordinate. And after that you can use the article about Log Insight (that I mention above), or even vR Ops.  Very nice collection of articles!  BTW, here is another article series (part 1, and part 6 here which shows all the articles previous) on setting up a CA, then updating certs in a variety of different vSphere products.  I give you the two sets of instructions in case one reads better for you than the other.

How to Configure vRO Plugin for SRM 6.1.1
This article is pretty cool, in that it can help you get vRO working with SRM and that is very powerful indeed.  It is a little tricky so good to have this article.

Maintenance Mode in vRealize Operations
This is a handy feature – maintenance mode – that I happen to know not enough people use so I am happy to share this article on how to use it!

Horizon 7.0.1 Released
This is a little old as this actually happened on June 16.  Sorry I missed it. It is now on my list to upgrade my lab.  You can see there is quite a bit in this release.  Here is the release notes.

Noisy Neighbor Analysis
This is something that has always been very hard for me.  Dealing with Noisy Neighbor stuff.  Figuring it out was hard and sometimes very misleading too.  Frank has a nice article on it.  And once again I am impressed with Architect.  Nice job Frank.

All VMworld 2015 session recordings now available to the general public
This is very good to hear as there is a wide range of good sessions.

VMworld Content Catalog is live! Here’s a breakdown by session type and VMware speakers
If you are curious about the numbers around sessions here is a breakdown.

How much latency does NSX add? (Part 1 – DFW)
You can catch part 1 here, but the answer is not much although he does give exact numbers!

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform demo impressed me
I saw this article about the HDS UCP that Duncan did and it sounds very interesting.  I will be sure to check it out at VMworld (which means I chase you Paul)!

Veeam Agent for Linux beta – notification script
This is something quite handy.  When I got my first demo of this tool I wondered about notification so this article is handy for anyone who wonders the same thing.  I am pretty impressed with this new product from Veeam and I think a lot of people will appreciate it. There always seem to be Linux machines in every datacenter!  BTW, here is the official article on Veeam Agent for Linux.

Goodby SAN Huggers!
Duncan has an article about how we need to move from holding on to SAN’s past the time we should.  So true.  I have met these people frequently.  Duncan is right.  Some of the new SAN are things like VSAN, but there are other choices like SoldFire, or Tintri, that are definitely not your traditional SAN!

Data Deduplication in Windows Server 2016, and configuring it
A nice article that talks about the dedupe in Win2K16 and it sounds very good indeed! After you read that, if you want to do dedupe in Win2K16 you can find out how here.

What does your infrastructure analytics really tell you?
In this article the author has some very good points.  I have seen this sort of thing before where a vendor says they have this data or that surfaced and it is so useful and yet I can do nothing useful with it!

Veeam – Nimble Storage Integration Test Flight
You may have seen this article about how Veeam in the future will support Nimble Storage Integration like it does now with NetApp, EMC and HP? While, now you can see an article about how this actually looks in beta. The article is a bit silly in the flight chat metaphor but it still shows good info on the integration.

Build a Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) Cluster using VMware virtual machines
Luca has an interesting article about making S2D work using the Win2K16 TP5 and it sounds pretty interesting and I bet useful and popular once it is GA.  Sort of sounds like the Microsoft answer to VSAN I think but also a little different. Luca is one of my co-workers at Veeam and is a very smart guy and of course it is always wonderful to have smart or very smart co-workers (and I am lucky enough to have a few of them).

Veeam Best Practices for vSphere
You can find them here, but it might be better sometimes to find them here as from that link you can obtain PDF, ePub, or Mobi.  Veeam just works, and that is not just marketing as it is in fact true.  But you can learn in these best practices much to help you do things easier, or smarter.  Quite worthwhile.

Apple fixes serious flaw in AirPort wireless routers
I saw this recently and upgraded my own AirPort Extreme with no issues.  While my Airport is inside my security perimeter it is also outside it and so it is very good to keep it current.

Unlocking your Mac with your Apple Watch
In the next OS X update, which will then be called macOS, you will be able to unlock your Mac by having your watch on and near the computer – called Auto Unlock, and yes if your watch moves away from the computer, it will lock the Mac.  Once thing to remember about this is that it will only work if you have two factor access (2FA) set on your iCloud account.  That is something good to turn on anyway!  See how here.  BTW, here is a good article on macOS Sierra if you want to learn more.

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