Newsletter: June 19, 2016

Hello all,

It is good to be writing again.  Had a very good PTO in South Africa but also glad to be home.  This was my first week home for a long while.  We enjoyed very much South Africa – after all there is amazing wine country, and history to explore, but also great wild country too.  I will share out some pictures once I reduce them to a more realistic number!

BTW, I updated my installing Veeam ONE article for 9.0 U1.

I would like to congratulate all of the vExperts who are now NSX vExperts.  NSX is pretty amazing but also complex so it is most impressive to be a vExpert NSX.

A friend of mine – Dave Siles, will be at the Nutanix show to demo the next generation of the DataGravity software, and while I have not seen it yet, I certainly have heard it is most cool.  So if you are at the show go say hi to Dave, and check out the new software – I think you will be surprised and impressed.

This week I had a chance to see version 2 of vSearch, and I quite liked it.  I had a very short look at version 1 before I went on PTO and also quite liked it.  To see v2 so quick is nice.  This tool is one that consolidates the information of vCenter into one search environment.  That allows it to surface up interesting information as well, so there is stuff you don’t need to search for but yet you can search for anything.  I liked it so much, that I will do a review of it this week sometime – so watch out for it.

I did not wear my Apple Watch while in Africa – due to security issues that never manifested, and I didn’t miss it too much with what we were doing, but when I put it back on this week it really felt good.  I did miss the power of having it on my wrist after all.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads reading, and, for everyone, have a great week!


Take care – Express Patch 6 for ESXi 6 can break your Backup (CBT Bug)!
When I saw this, I thought it was something old from the last time we had a CBT issue in vSphere 6 but the date was quick to show me otherwise.  Another CBT bug sucks.  I hope that this patch gets withdrawn, new version of the patch with no CBT bug, and the QA on CBT improves.  What is going on VMware?

RUSH POST: Microsoft Convenience Update and VMware VMXNet3 Incompatibilities
In this article it says to avoid the “Convenience Update” for Win7 and Win2K8 otherwise there will be issues with your virtual networking if you use VMXNet3.  It is in fact an old article that has not been updated.  Seems like it should be easy to avoid this update – it does have an obvious and easy to see name – right?

esxupdate Error Code 99
This is a good article to read as it is interesting problem and solution but I suspect that this might occur with other extensions and the same solution would work for those I think.

C# Client is officially dead…
Duncan talks about something we have known for a while was going to happen.  I started using the vSphere Web Client seriously while at VMware, and I got used to it.  It was not ideal but it was functional and in fact had some useful features not found elsewhere.  And in vSphere 6 it got better for me.  I have been using the embedded host client for a while when I could not use the vSphere Web Client and it was pretty good.  I have also been using the HTML5 Client and it is pretty good too.  I think the fact VMware is dropping the C# client now is a little early as it might have been good to have the HTML5 client and the host client a little further along before dropping it, but the fact is we will be able to get along without the C# client with the HTML5 and host clients.  It is good to have the vSphere Web Client maintained along with the HTML5 client due to the time it will take the plug-ins to be updated – which I suspect will be a while.  But, I think there is a bigger issue here.  I think we will be fine without the C# client but I think we will still need a thick client and not just a web client – HTML5 or otherwise.  There is much more that can be done in a thick client compared to a web page I think.

Want to learn about VMware NSX?
A friend of mine did.  This is what I found when looking for resources.  Here is a free book, PluralSight Course,  and of course there are NSX labs in the HOL. Also, don’t forget about the very good vSphere Networking book – which covers off everything vSphere networking except for NSX, called Networking for VMware Administrators.

VM Renamed using PowerCLI Reverts to Original Name After vCenter Restart
Chris has an interesting issue and a good suggestion too!  Can you imagine the frustration of renaming a VM, and at some point of time in the future it has the old name?  That is a tough one.

Change OS of vCenter 5.5, – change vC 5.5 architecture, virtualize physical vC
An interesting article that steps you through upgrading your vCenter host OS from Win2K8 to Win2k12, and then upgrade to vSphere 6.  A good process.

vSphere HTML5 Web Client newly updated
I do quite like this HTML5 Web Client , and it has been updated again. My upgrade went very smooth with no issues.

Log Insight License Interoperability
Steve explains the bundling options for Log Insight, which are varied!  Nice that NSX 6.2.2 now includes LI too.

vSphereDSC – Principles of Operation
LucD helps explain how you can do described state config using PowerShell. This article can help you get started on this path, but I suspect it will take a bit of work.

ntpq -p connection refused error message
An interesting article about checking your time status.  Good info to know – I quite like the ntpq tool.

Home Lab Fundamentals:
Frank has several good articles that are home lab fundamentals but also just plain useful.  First is about DNS Reverse lookups, and the second about time sync.  Very good stuff!

Disk format version 4.0 update to 2.0 suggested
Duncan talks in this article about an issue he has heard of in the wild that has to do with doing upgrades NOT in the right order or perhaps not completing upgrades. I have written a number of upgrade articles and I always mention vC gets updated before hosts, and do all the hosts, but also there is an excellent KB article that helps on upgrade order of operation.

Using EFI / UEFI firmware in a VMware Virtual Machine
Someone was asking about this a while back (I said it works and not much else) and here I find a nice write-up on the subject.

Released: NSX 6.2.3 – Packed full of new features!
This really does seem like a big release for NSX – check it out here.  Here is the info on how Log Insight is now included with NSX 6.2.2.

New-tagcategory Cannot find a service registration for vCenter service with host name XXXX
I think I have seen this before.  I have a best practice of my own that has me make sure this will not happen by checking the FQDN.  But see this article for more info.

Test driving VMware Photon Controller
William has an article series about learning how to make Photon work, and you can find part 1 here if you are so inclined.

Playing around with EMC CloudArray on VSAN
Duncan is checking out the CloudArray software and it sounds pretty good.  I love the idea on how it can provision NFS / CIFS (hopefully SMB actually) from your local array but yet can use the cloud for archival.

Arkin Acquisition will Further Simplify VMware NSX Operational Planning and Visibility
You can read more about this new VMware purchase that will likely very much help out NSX customers.

Adding a Network Selection Drop-Down in vRA 7
Jad has a nice article to help you add a network selection during the request workflow in vRA and I know that is handy and I suspect you could use the info on it to do a variety of things!

Everything you need to disable in Windows 10
While you may not actually want to disable everything that is mentioned in this article, it is a good intro to a variety of things that is in Win10 and learning is always good.

Veeam v9 and Direct NFS Access
If you are hosting virtual machines on NFS and are using Veeam B&R v9 you may be able to improve performance of the backup by using Direct NFS Access.  You can learn more from this TWP, and yes, sorry, it is gated but it is good info.  Here is a past webinar that you can still access that talks more about it.

Self-service backup and restore capabilities for VMware vCloud Director coming in Veeam Availability Suite 9.5
I remember when vCD was first released and you could not backup it’s VMs properly.  Fast forward to today and you have an amazing option with Veeam and backing up VMs properly in vCD and it is done in a way that you can add it to your code or use it standalone.  See more in Luca‘s article.

Microsoft Nano Server updates and new functionality in TP5
Mike has the breakdown of what is new in Nano in TP5, and I must admit I am looking forward to having Nano servers in my lab.  I think they will have a much smaller resource footprint and that is most excellent.

PernixCloud Data: FVP Latency Compared to SAN Latency
A nice article by Frank talking about the savings in latency that customers have experienced. I certainly enjoyed having FVP in my lab at my previous employer as it helped make things better!  It did not take long to see some substantial savings.

PernixData FVP 3.5 and Architect 1.1 now GA
I first heard that FVP has an appliance now which I thought was great as it would really make it much faster to get implemented.  Probably makes updates faster too.  Thanks to Pietro Putti I learned that it existed. But after that I saw the PR notice of the upgrade, then I saw Anthony’s article on the new features, and one on the new install.  This is a very good product, that is simple to install and use, and yet does some very powerful and complex stuff behind the scenes.

NSX Bytes: Trend Deep Security 9.6 DSVA Deployment Gotchya
I am quite fond of Trend Deep Security as it was the first anti – malware software I saw or used that allowed me to protect my virtual machines from outside the VM and I thought that was ideal.  Anthony has an article about an issue during install.

Data Corruption – The Silent Killer
You may have heard of spinning rust, or bit rot, but there is truly interesting background to that which is not so common.  Check out this article to learn where bit rot comes form, and what is being done about it.

Why you shouldn’t share links on Facebook
An interesting security article about how links sent privately via Messenger can be read by anyone.

OS X Hidden Treasures: Copy and Paste
I had to explain copy and paste to someone a while back, and I wish I had this article to help.

Apple Pay: FUD vs. the future
I am a very big believer in Apple Pay.  I mean I use it to pay for something, and the vendor I use it with, and their bank, get their money, but never see my credit card.  So little chance for something to go astray!  Plus when traveling in Africa recently I had to cancel my credit cards.  The new ones were ready in Apple Pay in less than a day. Pretty handy that too. Here is a little on Apple Pay and it mentions some of the FUD.

Playing Around with Swift on the iPad
I think that this is particularly cool and something that will be quite popular and useful for young people who are interested in starting to code.  Swift and something called Playgrounds will let you code, and test on an iPad without any simulators, and it will be very quick feedback for kids learning to code.  Pretty impressive and except for the cost of the iPad it is all free.

Here’s how Apple plans to make iOS and macOS more secure
There are a number of changes coming in the future releases that are about security and the full scoop is here.

A few thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering
A good read on explaining what Differential Privacy is.  This is important as Apple will be using it to have more of our personal information to make decisions that we will appreciate but yet, they want to make sure none of our personal information ends up on Apple servers.  So differential privacy is how they will do that.  Quite interesting. BTW, this awkward name is not due to Apple!

WWDC 2016
Not sure if you caught the WWDC keynote or not, but I found a lot to like in it.  There is not something net new and earth shattering, but there is a bunch of little things that will be very nice.  Things like using my Apple Watch to authenticate with my MacBook or third party API access to Siri are both pretty handy, but also I like having Apple Pay on the web. Wait, I really like Universal Copy and Paste. too.  But if you are interested you can get more tvOS, watchOS, macOS, or iOS info.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far – and yes, I know it was far today!


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