Veeam backup failed – the operation is not allowed in the current state

Hello all,

I recently had a backup failure.  It was of my lab DC, and I had just upgraded it from Win2K8 R2 to Win2K12 R2.  I saw this in my status email.


I love these well designed emails as often when I am out on the road it is how I see how things are going.  Normally all good.  So I normally see green.  This error message was not that useful for me.

Processing logan Error: The operation is not allowed in the current state.

The machine name is logan, and it is my AD server so it handles DNS and DHCP along with the AD functions.  So I know it is running fine, as everything breaks when it does. BTW, I see the screenshot below in the Veeam console.


The error message in it is pretty similar.

I can access and log into logan with no issues. So next I look at it using the Embedded Host Client (EHC) which I had open, and I see something odd.


So I edit the settings for the VM and I see that it has an ISO configured but not connected.  While I don’t think that is the issue I attempt to fix it.   And I get a VMware error about not allowed in the current state.  So same as in Veeam.  Sorry no picture.  So I power down the VM and start it again, and, for some reason, now I can change the setting of the defined ISO, and I can do a backup of the VM just fine.  So very odd. But my backup of this VM is working good and that is key.

BTW, as soon as I have a minute, there will be another DC in this lab!

BTW, I will have more more Veeam articles on my site now, and the technical ones will have a different tag.  So this article is about Veeam B&R so it gets that tag, but it is also technical so it gets the VeeamBRTech tag too.  So if you want, you can always use these tags to get the articles you want.


  • 7/20/16 – This happened to me again.  Same error in the backup report.  This time a View desktop.  I solved it with a power off, and a power on.  A warm boot did not solve it.  Before I solved the issue I was not able to right click and take a snapshot.  After the cold boot I was able to take a snapshot but it took a while!  I saw other article like this one from Veeam that might help.


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2 thoughts on “Veeam backup failed – the operation is not allowed in the current state

  1. So you think the error was only because of that wrong ISO? How about VMware still showing 2008 as your OS? Did the EHC also show the correct version 2012 after you changed that ISO?

    1. Thanks for the questions Patrick. I had to power off the VM and then I could fix the CD. After that startup, I could edit the settings OK and do a backup successfully as well. The wrong OS message still displayed everywhere. It was easy to fix though now. So not sure but I would guess the issue was something solved with a power down and startup. I believe at the end of the Win2K12 upgrade I did a soft reset and the problem was found after that.


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