Making PowerActions work!

You may have seen in this article where I was having issues getting PowerActions to work.  I have worked it out and tested it and so understand what is necessary. Here we go.

  • Using PowerCLI 6.3 R1 did not work for me.  I had to install PowerCLI 6.0 R2 and it worked fine. I suspect most builds of PowerCLI work if you just avoid 6.3.  You can find old builds of PowerCLI here but not sure if everyone will have access to it.
  • Use this article to get around a Cert error during the install of PowerActions
  • Use this article to install PowerActions, and get it working.  As FYI you can find this article about the newer version of PowerActions that supports vSphere 6.0 and other important things – the install article will help you install the latest PowerActions so this article is just FYI.

This is a very cool utility – I can execute PowerCLI scripts while working in the vSphere Web Client running in Chrome on a Mac.  I am very happy it works now.

BTW, it turns out that vCheck works better for me with this older build of PowerCLI, so that is good.  I only had to make one change to get it to email me.


  • 7/9/16 – on July 5 a new version of PowerAction was released.  It appears to be the same version as before – v1.5.  In the comments I see someone had the same issue with it I did, meaning PowerCLI 6.3 is still not supported. I believe it may be a good idea to not upgrade at this time and wait for a new version that does support PowerCLI 6.3.


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