Booting to a View Desktop White screen

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This happened to me the day before I headed out on PTO.  And I really need my View desktop while I was out on the road. In case I wanted to play with something!  My lab was in bad shape, so while I have been out of work I have been updating and getting it back to spec.  Not done yet.  But with the new vCenter, I had to redo some of the View config, and I wanted a new 64-bit desktop to replace my old 32-bit.  I had updated vSphere so it was all 6.0 U1b and that was nice.  I did not see much in View 6.2 so I did not update it yet so it was still at 6.1.  So I built out a new 64-bit Windows template and even a Windows 2012 R2 one at the same time.  So yes, both of my articles are updated – Win7 Template and Win2K12 Template.  Small changes mind you.

I am having troubles with deploying from Win7 successfully (not Win2K12) but I only needed a static desktop so I just did that.  When I tested it I got a white screen – I could hear the ding of connecting and I was dropped.  Connecting with RDP on a PC worked fine.  But from a Mac it was a white screen.

I fiddled with a number of things.  Like cold start of the desktop, and playing with video memory.  BTW, it was built new so I did not experience the VMware tools and vSphere 6.0 U1b issue. Some of the articles I thought helpful included this one, and this one.  While it did not help this time, this article has helped before and is worth knowing about. I was distracted for a bit on video memory – where I used this article but I did prefer the first article above on the same subject that Kendrick did.

I got the next thing to try from the second article.  I upgraded my View to 6.2 and everything worked great.  No more issue. I did make two changes – video memory and upgrade of View.  The video memory made no difference at first but it was a good thing to do I think.  So I can confirm that for Mac users, View 6.1 and vSphere 6.0 U1b is not a good relationship.  If your PC users want to use RDP in this situation they are OK, but for PCoIP they will I believe have the same issue.  So you should make sure you are View 6.2 before are vSphere 6.0 U1b.

I did actually read the release notes everywhere but I must have missed something.

So I can now easily log in with View remote.  Like I just did from wherever I am in Montana.  I now just need to figure out the deploying Win7 from template issue.  But I think I will hike instead – for now!


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