Windows could not parse or process the unattend answer file

Hi there,

I was deploying a Win2K12 VM from my template and it did not work.  I got the error seen in the screenshot below.


And of course I was in a loop.  So had to power off, and delete the VM.  The problem was in the custom specification I was using.  I did several things and tried again – yes I know, bad form, should have only changed one but was in a hurry.  Here is what I did to have the custom specification work properly.

  • I re – entered the passwords – for the administrator account, and to join the domain, using the C# client this time.  There was once a bug where passwords entered via the vSphere Web Client were not saved properly.  Fixed in theory long ago, I am still a little suspicious.
  • I had an old PID that I believe was good, but belonged to someone else and so I deleted it and entered a new PID.
  • I believe that by entering data – in my case PID and passwords, was significant in solving this issue.
  • I retired and it worked.

Not sure if the password change, or the PID change made a difference, or maybe it was the fact I re-saved the custom spec but it was working again.

After I made the changes above, and waited for the VM to deploy I found this article that sounds interesting and it seems to suggest the PID.  But it has additional troubleshooting info so that is good – for next time.


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