After install of Support Assistant, trying to configure gets long red error

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Still working on bring back to life my home lab.  I love the Support Assistant tool, and while I will not be able to use it to create / manage support incidents – as a vExpert we get licenses but not support, but it still does something very handy indeed.  It allows me to upload my logs automatically and I will receive an email with issues or no issues in the log files.  So still very handy.  So when I went to install it again, after the install, and when I went into the vSphere Web Client configure it using the Configure data collection on the Getting Started page, I got a long red error message.


It turns out the solution is very easy.  Access the admin UI (which is not on 5480 but on port 80) and access the VA Settings tab, and use the Save button on the Network Section.


After you hit the Save button, you should log out of the vSphere Web Client and log back in and you will be good to go. Thanks to this KB article I figured this out.


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