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I hope that everyone has had a good week? I did – mostly in the lab, and got a lot of article updates done too.  My home lab has suffered for a while.  I left it untouched for a month or two for VMware to try and figure out a vSphere Web Client issue.  But that ended with my having to install vCenter again.  So been busy for sure!

I will be heading out late this weekend for 2 – 3 weeks.  I will likely be mostly silent during that time – will be out in the boondocks hiking.  Will see how things go. Mostly silent means no email / twitter / blogging but if you have my phone number it will work. Except when I am actually hiking that is.

I have updated the Making BGInfo work in Windows 2012, How to build a Windows 2012 R2 VMware Template, How to build a Windows 7 VMware Template, and Download vSphere 6 with VMware Software Manager articles. Mostly small tweaks but changes nevertheless.

BTW, I have been doing the beta thing with Sonos supporting Apple Music.  It has worked great.  Today they went live with the GA version.  We have two users in our house for Apple Music so that means Sonos needs to support them and it does and it does that well.  I do recommend Sonos as a great replacement for a traditional stereo (we are big fans of Apple Music too).

You know how I often say I have a lot to share?  Well, I really do this time!

Everyone have a great week!


Alert: vRealize Automation needs a patch
To avoid data loss when doing a bulk import in vRA v7 you need to apply this patch. Thanks to Carl for this.

Alert: .NET Framework 4.6.1 and Exchange are not compatible
If you are an Exchange shop, watch out for the Windows Update supplied .NET Framework 4.6.1 as it will likely hurt your Exchange! More info is here.

Alert: Cisco ASA software has a serious vulnerability
You can find out this this important issue here.  Patch time! A very good write up on this can be found here.

Alert: Snapshot consolidation of a VM with CBT enabled results in VM powering off
While this is not a data loss type of an alert, I know enough customers that do on occasion snapshot consolidation and will they be surprised if the VM powers off!  See this KB article for more info.  There is no workarounds or solutions at this time, and it impacts most versions of ESXi including v6.

Guest OS customization of a Windows VM fails to complete on a ESXi 6.0 Update 1b host
I think Michael was the first to find this issue but we have a KB article now to help.

One of cool vSphere features: tutorial: How SDRS works with storage policies in SPBM
This is good to see.  I had not heard that SDRS now supports storage policy.  But good to know.  More info can be found in this article.

How to limit the number of physical CPU sockets in ESXi
This is good info that William is sharing – I can see that this info will help in a number of different software situations!  All license related I think.

VMware VVol Part 5: Containers & Capability
I just saw this article recently. Very interesting and good info – and good for more then Hitachi people too.  Make sure to check out the rest of the series.

VMware changed pricing and packaging recently
VMware has made some packaging and pricing changes – which I think might be a good idea – and while you can find the official info here, I find that this article was better for me.

VSAN 6.2 – Is it RAID or Erasure Coding?
If you are not sure the answer you can learn more about RAID, Erasure Coding, and VSAN 6.2 in this article.

VMware vFlash Read Cache (VFRC)
When it comes to caching that is related to SSD and VMware hosts it is normally PernixData that you hear about.  But VMware has an option here – the VFRC – and it is definitely useful.  Find out more here.  Make no mistake, Pernix rules this space for very good reason!

Can’t install ESXi 5.5 / 6.0 in home lab due to network adapter error?
I too used to use Realtek Ethernet network cards.  I know people that still do as they are quite popular.  Here is a way to get the driver into your ESXi image.

Quick Fix – Making your inactive NFS datastore active again!
Here is the info on how to use the esxcli command line to make your inactive NFS active again.  Good info.

vSphere 6 and Snapshot
I shared Cormac’s article on this subject a while back, but I saw in Anton’s recent newsletter that someone actually tested things.  It was a 4 – 5 times reduction in stun time for snapshots.  So pretty cool, and I think another reason to upgrade – especially if you do backups when some of your VMs are busy. Thanks Anton for sharing.

Hardening Guide Risk Profiles Explained
I can see other people asking why the definitions were pulled out of the hardening guide.  In fact I think I asked that too.  Mike explains it here and it is a pretty good reason.

VMware Virtual SAN 6.2
In the SDDC event recently they talked mostly of VSAN 6.2.  And it has really come far in the time it has been around. Most of the new features are only in the higher priced all-flash version but things like the new performance metrics and health services will be in both the all-flash and not all-flash so that is pretty good. You can see more about 6.2 by Rawlinson, Cormac or Duncan.  But this article – by someone I do not know – was the first one out.  I also like this article from Anthony Spiteri. I also think that Chad’s article is worth reading.  I understand why VMware has pushed the all-flash version as the market is moving in that direction – have you bought SSD lately?.  They are just helping people to see that and I think the customers will be happy over time about it.  BTW, the release vehicle for this will be – I believe – vSphere 6.0 U2 in the next few months sometime.

Monitoring the Desktop: Covering EUC Completely
A nice overview of the requirements for monitoring in the EUC space – which as most will know it is not just desktops or infrastructure but in fact both and more.  It also looks at some of the monitoring options too.  Nice job Tom and I don’t think it is an odd view at all.

VMware Workspace One Announced
This sounds pretty good indeed.  The first article I saw was very informative.  In fact it made me wonder if I should attend the online event it was so detailed – and I saw it at 0530 so quite a few hours before the event. I am most impressed with this release and curious to see what it is really like.

VMware Horizon 7 Announced
You can learn all about the improvements for Horizon 7 here and here.  I am very excited about the Identity Manager integration, and Blast Extreme.  Looking forward to get it into the lab!  It also sounds like Persona is going away and will be replace by Mirage.  Not sure if that really makes sense.  Hope I have that wrong.

An Elephant named MultiTenancy – MultiTenancy in vRealize Automation
If you are thinking of working with vRealize Automation, or already are, you need to read this article.  You need to understand what is possible in vRA for multitenancy.  It is a good read.

Combined AAA deployment
Here is an article about deploying the App Authoring Agent of vRA v7.  Quite handy actually.

vRealize Automation 7 – Part 1.1, Spotlight Overview and Demo
A great intro to some of the new features of VRA v7 and demoed by the master himself – Jad.

Introducing VMware Cloud Suite 7 and vRealize Suite 7
You can learn more about the new packaging in this article.  This is in fact a streamline kind of thing that I think makes sense – I saw somewhere talk of pricing changes too.  No comment on those.

What’s New in Log Insight 3.3
A nice article from Steve on what is new in the next release of Log Insight.  Not sure exactly when it will ship but I suspect Feb / March. Lots of new stuff but I am interested to play first with the Agent Configuration Builder that will be in Tech Preview.

Log Insight for vCenter
Another tidbit is that if you own vCenter, you will soon own Log Insight for up to 25 monitored devices (OSI – operating system instance).  It looks like the same Log Insight that you pay for but only with 25 OSI and only able to see and use VMware content packs.  If you need more then 25 OSI or other content packs you will need to purchase and that makes an actual LI instance that can use any content packs or scale past 25 OSI. Here is an FAQ on this. I think that this is a big deal and I am very happy that VMware chose to do this.  BTW, I have heard people say it can only monitor vC, and ESXi.  I believe that to be incorrect.  It can only use VMware CP but that is the only limit.

PowerCLI Report – Review SRM source & Destination network settings
This is a handy idea, as I could have used it myself in the past.  A nice way to do some audit of your SRM install!

VMware IO Analyzer
You can get an intro to this handy tool, and it even has a link to the install and config info.  This is the tool you can use to analyze storage performance of your environment.

Top vBlog 2016 requirements finalized
You may have seen some twitter traffic on the subject of requirements for the Top vBlog 2016.  It has been decided that you need to do 10 articles in the year to be considered.  I think that is quite reasonable.  See the announcement here.

Security Operations for the Software-Defined Data Center
This should be a very interesting course.  I know that Mike (and others) spent a lot of time on it. I think that most of us could learn from it.

Applying VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes in NetApp
A new guide from NetApp about using VVols in vSphere.  And I just realized that a friend of mine wrote it.  Cool.

Thermal Imaging anyone?
My wife asked me a while back what I wanted for Christmas.  I said I wanted the FLIR ONE thermal Imaging for my iPhone and she laughed at me.  But I still think it is cool.  See a review here of it.

Hyena Road – movie is worth watching!
I recommended a while back the book Hyena Road.  Now I recommend the movie.  Amazing and very well done.  Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan and very well done.  Lots of real soldiers in it, and a great adviser too. Most of the military movies are about US soldiers, but this one is about Canadian.  Which makes it a little different.

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