Cannot load the users for the selected domain

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Still working in the lab and this issue has irritated me.  So I am sharing.

I upgraded my VCSA to 6.0 Update 1b and a short time later I could not log in.  Not sure if it was related to the upgrade or not.  I tried using the SSO account and I could log in fine.  I thought maybe the domain, or the Identity Source might be missing or corrupt somehow.  But both looked fine.

Here is some of the things I did.

  • Removed and added back the Identity Source.
  • Removed the Identity Source and domain and added them back.  After a restart of course.
  • I removed the Identity Source, domain, and computer object in AD.  Another restart of course.
  • I checked the ssoAdminserver.log and it was very busy, and lots of data.  But I could not see any errors.  This log BTW can be found in the /storage/log/vmware/sso folder.
  • I found this VMware article that seemed to be perfect for me.  However, after I worked my way through it there was nothing I needed to change or improve.  All my ‘stuff’ was good.

However, I saw this interesting SRM related article from Chris.  Reading between the lines it really seemed to be something I could get an idea from.  However, I did not remember how to fill in the LDAP settings to connect to AD.  I found that in this article.  You really only need the screenshot from that article, so here is mine:


So everything is working now.  For whatever reason, my Integrated Windows Authentication connection decided to not work, and after trying a number of things, I have the ability to work using my AD credentials again.  I should mention that once I had the LDAP connection working I could see my AD account / group in permissions.  Nothing lost. And definitely thanks Chris!


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2 thoughts on “Cannot load the users for the selected domain

  1. I’m surprised at the problems with integrated AD auth. I have usually had more problems with using LDAP because it isn’t optimized to determine the correct Domain Controller (and my environment has them spread out globally). Glad it helped you though 🙂

    1. I quite agree Chris, I normally have the best success with IWA so that is what caught me by surprise. I was very happy when I first played with the alpha of IWA as it was so easy, and in those days was extremely reliable too. But at least I got things working. I am very behind.

      Have a great weekend!


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