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It has been a busy and difficult week for me.  I will talk more about that in a different post.  But I also passed my VCP6-DCV so that was good, and I got an interesting article out – vSphere Best Practices.  I will keep it current and updated as necessary – and comments / suggestions welcome. And today I was accepted in vExpert 2016 – me and 1300 ish other folks.  Thanks to Corey and his people for this – I know it is a great deal of work!  And I most appreciate it. Anthony Spiteri has a good write-up on the vExpert program.

I updated my article on the VMware Software Download tool – primarily a note about how it needs a 64-bit OS to install on.  Which I did not know. And I heard it downloads more then it used to but when I find out the info I will update the article.  Once I find a place to install it.

BTW, I have been capturing links and stories around CloudPhysics for a while, and I hope to do an article dedicated to them in the next while.  It is a great product, and if you are not sure if you agree, then all you need to do is check them out.  Or wait for my article.

ABTW, very sorry to hear about the losses at VMware.  A very big hit was taken and as a shareholder it worries me.  I am not sure how this will help customers, or VMware at all.  I hope that everyone impacted is doing well now.

But lots to share so time to get started.  Everyone have a great week!


Register for the 2/9 VMware event
You will learn more about #CloudMGMT, #CloudHCI, and #DigitalWorkspace.  This will be the next major release from VMware so it should be interesting.  Register here. I am looking forward to it.

Super vCenter – with Unlimited Scalability
I was asked by Steve Jin to check out his new product.  You can find more about it here.  I am very excited to check it out as I love the idea of it.  Abstracting vCenter.  Providing scale, and I suspect clarity.  Pretty interesting I think.  Will be sure to share what I find out.

Creating and Using VMware Guest Customization Specification
This is quite an old article, but it is a good reminder for someone who really needs it.  This is background info to my Win7 and Win2K12 template articles.

Guest OS Customization of a Windows VM fails to complete on ESXi 6.0 U1b
An interesting and frustrating KB article.  But if you are on vSphere 6.0 U1b you may want to update your template before you use it again, and uninstall VMware Tools, and restart, and then install fresh the new VMware Tools.

Tutorial Session on Performance Debugging on VMware vSphere
Would you like to learn a little more about performance issue debugging?  Check this article out.

VM Component Protection (VMCP)
This article is a few months old, but it is very well done and clearly explains VMCP and I used it recently to help study for a test.  So I thought I would share it out.  Not sure how many of you use this functionality but I suspect more of you should!

ZeroedThick or EagerZeroedThick? That is the question.
I like Cody‘s articles – always something to learn. Some interesting points about the impact of different types of virtual disk on flash.

Repeated characters when typing in remote console
This is something that I suspect many of us have seen.  I also know that some VMware teams are adding this to their virtual appliances which is very nice indeed. But, if you ever have one key press but several characters seen, and you are working in the remote console remember this article.

Virtual SAN Node Communication
With all I have seen available on the web for VSAN there was not much on the network communication side, especially if you needed to deal with firewalls.  So when I saw this I thought it worth sharing.

Increase Performance with the Dell FX2 and VSAN
You can learn more about VSAN and the FX2 and how they tested the performance in this article.  I have heard some good things about the FX2.

Shutting down and powering on a VSAN 6.0 Cluster when vCenter Server is running on VSAN
Some of the people I know using VSAN, like me recently, had the vC in a management cluster not on VSAN, however, I know of people that are doing their management clusters with VSAN.  So that means vC is on VSAN.  Which is where this KB article comes in.

Removing an incorrect SATP Rule
Very interesting article from Cody.  This is one of this articles that it really doesn’t matter which storage vendor Cody works for as anyone could have this issue.  And it sounds like one to avoid!  My Dad always taught me that forcing things was not a very good plan.

vSphere 6.0 Replication – Failover
A nice article about doing a failover with VR but there is also install, config, and replication articles too.

PowerCLI: Upgrade VMware Tools Version
This is an interesting use of PowerCLI, it is nice to be able to easily execute decisions to upgrade VMware Tools.  Here is the upgrade article, and the discover versions article.

Using PowerCLI to install Software in a Guest VM
A handy script to know about as I can think of a variety of reasons why it might be handy to be able to install things thanks to a PowerCLI script.  Nice article.

PowerShell Profile
A nice article from Rob on tweaking your PowerShell profile.  Interesting since it gets PowerCLI into the PowerShell ISE and PowerShell itself.

Creating Consistent Distributed Port Groups with PowerCLI
Nice article on more PowerCLI goodness – doing consistent distributed port groups.  Very handy example!

Horizon View 6.2.2 is now GA
This maintenance release has only a couple of resolved items in it. One of the two fixes though sounds like it might be a good one.  Slow PCoIP connections? Release Notes, and bits.

vROps 6.2 is now GA
You can find out here why you should deploy it.  Here is a breakdown of this new release.  Release Notes, which shows a fair number of resolved issues.

vRealize Operations 6.2 upgrade
You can learn about doing the upgrade from Iwan in this article.  Good info. If the upgrade stops at step 5 of 9 check this out.

Top 20 vRealize Operations Manager KBs for January 2016
A very good list of the top used vROps articles.  These are what VMware GSS used the most to help with vROps issues.  Definitely good to know if you are about to upgrade or install.

vROps Webinar 2016 – Announcing Part 2: Understanding Policies
I quite liked Part 1, and the subject of part 2 is pretty important. I have a couple of times  changed the vROps Policy and it was not pretty.  Better to make small changes!  So this Part 2 is going to be good!

Upgrading an Endpoint Operations Management Agent from v6.1 to v6.2
Not sure how many of you are yet using the vROps endpoint management agents, but it really looks like if you are going to upgrade you need this article.  There is a lot to it. I hope it will get easier over time.

Automating vRealize Automation 7 Minimal Install: Part 1 – vRA Appliance Deployment
William has the start of a couple of articles on automating vRA install.  I think that is pretty handy for PofC type stuff that is always time sensitive.  The other good reason for William to work on this is so that VMware can see internally how hard or easy it is and hopefully prioritize improvements appropriately.  BTW, here is a list of the top 20 VRA KB articles for Jan 2016.

VMware vRealize Automation 7 – Simple Install by Yves Sandfort
If you want to get vRA working so you can start working with it, maybe to practice your demos for the VMware SE’s out there reading this, or as the start to your learning you can use this video.  Thanks for this Yves!

Learning VMware NSX: Special Discount Offer
If you want to learn more about NSX this book is a good way, but what is cool there is a very good discount – see more here.  BTW, here is Anthony’s original article on this book.

VMware announces App Volumes 3.0 with healthy dose of new features
I do not know anyone using App Volumes but I do find them interesting.  See this talking about the new version.

Live Workload Mobility to a vCloud Air Network IaaS Provider
And interesting article about how people could easily move into, or out of, the vCloud Air environment.  It is early days, but it will be handy when it has been done a few times.

Thycotic – Using the Privileged Accounts Discovery Tool
I heard of these guys a little while back.  And they provide – or maybe used to provide – a vExpert license.  But their software sounds pretty interesting. A free tool that can show you accounts locked or with advanced permissions?  No agent and a very small footprint is nice.  Find out more here.

Rubrik Hands On: Initial Setup and Configuration
I am very excited that Rubrik is on the market, and I wish I could justify asking for one, so it was nice to see this setup and config article.  Anthony is right, this product will shake up the market and help inspire better products all around.

What’s new in Trilead VM Explorer 6.0
The very day I saw this article, is the same day I heard that HPE bought the company.  Interesting.  This looks like very interesting software.  If I am very productive this weekend and week I hope to test it out.

Root Cause Analysis: It’s Still Valid
Rob has a good article about something that is very important. I used to help train people about the difference between symptoms and root cause and how it is important to not get distracted by symptoms and get to the root cause.  It was tough to teach but it is very important.  I have often seen people solve a problem by solving a symptom and then be surprised when things come back to haunt them!

Regenerating certs
I saw this article in Anton’s great weekly newsletter and something similar here. I suggest people do this when they install the vCSA so the cert will have their new name, when they change name or IP, and I had to do it after doing upgrades in the lab – for Veeam, and other things too.  Thanks Anton!

Lego Servers?
I have heard this phrase recently to refer to things that are not in fact Lego.  But there is in fact Lego servers.  Actual functional servers yet made of Lego.  Find out more in this article.  I am quite tempted.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far!


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