Congrats Heureka Software, for the new release!

Hello everyone,

Recently I did an article on using fingerprints from DataGravity inside of the Heureka software to prove something exists or not.  Which is a pretty cool thing since you can use the file fingerprint from Heureka or DataGravity to prove something doesn’t exist on the DataGravity array, or any of the endpoints that Heureka secures.  I think that quite useful – but I recently heard about a new release from Heureka that I want to share with you. Version 2.3 is either now out or almost out. I am very excited about it and I think many of you will see the value and excitement as well.

List of the new features:

  • Pattern Matching  – for example you can find social security and credit cards on your endpoints very easily indeed!  So like you can on DataGravity, you can now say “show me all the credit cards on my endpoints”!
  • Advanced Search – Boolean, proximity, fuzzy logic, and trailing wildcard.
  • Mac OS – you can now deploy your endpoint agent to Windows or Mac (or Linux too for that matter)
  • Snippet View – results can now return a keyword hit with 100 characters before and after the keyword.
  • System improvements – these are not flashy features but are important nevertheless – in this release there are index and resource management improvements, particularly around agent operation. I like the indexing improvements that are part of the advanced search improvements but also help with performance as well.

This has all happened in an impressively short period, and I am very excited to get my own lab updated.  You can be sure when that happens I will be doing more articles on working with these two cool tools!

For any DataGravity customers that are used to knowing if there were credit cards – or whatever – on their array or not, and would like that functionality on the endpoints, Heureka can do that.


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