Calling all vExperts – want a golf shirt? Or a demo of our next gen software?

Hello vExperts,

On August 5, I will be hosting a special sneak-peak demo of the next version of the DataGravity Discovery Series for vExperts.  This will be an embargoed session so you will not be able to talk about it until we publicly announce the release – more details on that during the webinar.  If you are a vExpert and are interested please use this link to sign up.  I promise to show you cool stuff and answer all questions.  As well, again for vExperts, if you want a customized polo shirt, you can get one here.  If you wear it to VMworld and show up at our booth you might just win a prize.  And no matter what, you will have a very nice polo shirt.

Why am I doing this for vExperts?  I cannot do this for the whole world.  My budget is not that big.  And vExperts are often bloggers and partners who work with customers – directly or indirectly.  So if I empower them to talk about DataGravity, they can talk to even more people about us.

Everyone can visit our booth for a demo of our next release, and I think everyone will be impressed.  And yes, while supplies last, there will be tshirts!

Update – 10/20/15 – we do have a winner!  Aaron Bolthouse is his name and I hope he has a lot of fun – and doesn’t hurt himself!! Let me know how it goes Aaron, and thanks for participating.

Update – 10/3/15 – yes, we have picked a winner, but until he signs on the dotted line I cannot say who it is.  We have not forgotten and we are working on it.

Update: Our shirt offer is closed, and our webinar is over.  It was a wonderful time and I really appreciate all the questions and comments.  The recording of the event will be sent out today (Aug 5) to everyone who registered.  Not just the attendees.  When we are GA, I will put the recording / PowerPoint, and the Q&A all on this blog and likely on the DataGravity site too.  BTW don’t forget to wear (y)our shirt to our VMworld booth to be entered in the contest for the motorized skateboard.  And yes, if the embargo holds we will do this sort of thing again – it was a lot of fun, and everyone seemed to enjoy it!

Update: If you order two shirts, you will be contacted by the vendor and you will need to pay for the second shirt but the first will still be free.

Update: If you are not listed in the VMware vExpert Directory our supplier will not send you a shirt.  If you are not in the directory, we have no way to confirm if you are a vExpert or not so we will remove your order.


5 thoughts on “Calling all vExperts – want a golf shirt? Or a demo of our next gen software?

  1. Very disappointed with the appointed vendor. I submitted the order moment your post was up. As I made a mistake on the country, I immediately wrote to them the next day and every day to follow up that they acknowledge they make the change to Singapore.

    They responded that they have amended however since shipped out on 30th Aug the item never reached me. All my vExpert premiums has arrived and even my colleagues has received their datagravity polo, my still shown as in transit at Jamaica.

    Did aa check with your vendor site and see the order still contain the invalid country.

    Totally screwed up.

    1. Hello there,

      I am very sorry to hear about this. Please reach out to me at mwhite at with all your info and I will investigate. I do apologize for this frustrating issue.


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