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Another very nice week at home working in the labs. Heading back to the DG HQ this weekend.  Working on some cool stuff and something that we will be demoing at VMworld.  Plus of course I want to do videos of them for my blog too!  All this prep for VMworld is helping me to look forward to VMworld.  I am in town the week before VMworld for training which is exciting.

As I was working on this I saw some tweets that in a bunch of years there would be no more SAN because of Nutanix.  I missed the full story but it did get me thinking.  I think that SAN will still be sold in a bunch of years but to a small part of the market.  Only the biggest companies will buy SANs in those future days.  But it will be because of a few things – one being Nutanix, but another being VSAN.  Especially if VMware ever believes in VSAN and themselves enough to make it an inexpensive choice to implement rather then expensive. So some exciting changes in the future.  Will be fun to see how this plays out!

BTW, I did an article on how to uninstall PernixData FVP.  I did that not because I was unhappy or tired of it.  My NFR ran out and I had to install the Management server over again, so I thought it would be fun to get it going from scratch.  So I had to figure out the uninstall so thought I would write it down.  Make no mistake, I love FVP and I think most companies over time will end up running it to help stave out big storage purchase.  In fact, I have been talking to a fair number of customers and I have recommended it to many of them!

I hope everyone has a great week, and as always I hope that everyone finds something interesting.

Update: I did start this on the date above, but a day hike with my wife in the mountains, and another day traveling across the country contributed to my being late on this!


Custom certificate on the outside, VMware CA (VMCA) on the inside
This is a something I think more people might like and appreciate then you might expect.  Even if you don’t want to do this it is still good info that can be used for other configurations.  Thanks Mike very much for this!

More than 8 disks in your Virtual SAN host?
Duncan has an article about this before the Design / Sizing Guide has it.  If you have more then 8 disks in your VSAN host you need to put the drives past 8 on a second controller.  What makes me smile is that my first VSAN cluster once VSAN had a UI had two JBOD’s with about 60 drives each.  I pushed the PM to support this as I thought it would be pretty handy for customers but due to the amount of SSD I had to work with I never went past about 6 drives per controller.

Manage Your vSphere Infrastructure From Your Mobile Device
When I read this article it reminded me I had this app on my phone.  So it convinced me to go back and look at the app and wow.  It was quite good in fact.  It has been updated a few times since I looked at it I think.

5 Compelling Reasons to Upgrade to vSphere 6 today
Michael Webster is the guest blogger on a VMware blog and he writes about 5 reasons to upgrade to vSphere 6 today.  I would add to his list that VSAN has come a long way, and that so has the vSphere Web Client.  So yes, you should in fact be planning for a vSphere 6 upgrade.  I upgrade my home lab some time ago, March in fact and it worked great.  It was too early though for most businesses since most backup tools would not work properly with it and Dell OpenManage did work with it.  But all of that is old news now.

vCenter Server won’t start
An interesting issue and solution.  Odd issue too.  One thing I would add is if vC doesn’t start, and a quick check of Event logs doesn’t help, I suggest you try and starting it manually at the command line and often you can see errors as it starts that you would not see often.  Not sure if this works at 6.0 though.  I will test that one day.

How to increase vCenter concurrent clone operations
This is something I have used in the past when I had to move a lot of VMs around via vMotion.  It works good, and I had forgotten about it.  So it was cool to be reminded about it.  While I do not think you should have this in use all of the time, it is something quite handy for your toolbox for the special occasion.

The vSphere Web Client – something to like!
You can find ideas on why to like the vSphere Web Client here, and here.  I work in it most days and I like it a lot – and that been true for a while.

vSphere 6 SSL Cert Replacement / Implementation using the Cert Manager automation tool
This is useful information if you are going to do Cert work in vSphere 6 – it is different then previous versions.

Fling Contest 2014 Winner:Onyx for the Web Client
I really like how VMware lets people pick what might be a fling.  The vC to vCSA was a great idea that someone submitted and it delivered, the one this year is Onyx for the Web Client.  Pretty handy for some of us.  Check it out here.  A little more on this cool fling could be found here.

Using VMware Horizon Toolbox with Horizon 6
Here is an article that has very little information but it is a start.  I have not used the Horizon Toolbox before but it sounds interesting.  Would have been nice to have a longer article with more details.

Printing Architectures for VDI
Some great info on this subject from Andre.  An old article but still very good info.

VMware User Environment Manager and Application Profile Settings
This is something I have heard a bit about and am interested in learning more about.  UEM is something that I think can be quite useful for View users.  Check it out here.

Increasing the shell timeout value in the vRealize Operations Manager 6.x virtual appliance
By default you have 15 minutes of inactivity before you are logged out of vR Ops 6.  If you want to change that you can check this out.

Creating Custom Policies in vR Ops 6
I have worked on this, and it does get a little confusing.  It is good to start with a little help.  Check out this info and it will help.  If you get excited while snooping and apply the VMware Security Hardening  be prepared for some frustration.  Really, and I know about this personally!

Geo-Location Based Traffic Management with F5 BIG-IP for VMware Products
This is an interesting article about using F5 for geo aware applications. They use vRealize Automation as their example, but View is a pretty darn good example too!

Integrating VMware NSX with VMware Realize Log Insight
It is my understanding and belief that NSX can be complex to troubleshoot and that it has components in a variety of places.  So sending all of its logs to Log Insight, and the benefit that an NSX Content Pack can provides makes it easy to say get it done.  Get the details here.  There is no switch to say forward to syslog so the help is useful.

Cloning VMs – Why less (I/O & throughput) is better!
This is a most excellent article that has a great point. Flashy title but a very good point.

UNMAP Block Count Behavior change in ESXi 5.5 p3+
For those of you who use ISCSI, and if you ever do UNMAP operations – and quite frankly you should be doing that – you will need to understand how it has changed.  Find out more here.  Thanks Cody!

Technology Short Take #52
Scott does an excellent job on this sort of thing.  Always a good collection of info.  I liked very much his comment in one of them about how you need to build something to understand it, and how you need to do that before you can automate it.

VMworld Tips for 2015
Here is a short article on some things to think about around VMworld and tips for it.

Queues, Queues, and more Queues
This is an interesting article about queues from the point of view of a Oracle DBA.  Interesting and well done.

VMUG Compass
You can find the first version of the VMUG Compass here.  Too bad I cannot read it on my iPad.

Dell OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter v3
I really love this product.  It takes care of my Dell servers and does it so well I really appreciate it.  When I upgraded my home lab to vSphere 6 back in March I lost access to this tool as it was not supported.  But it is now.  You can find more about it here and get the v3 version too.  Nice to see it accepts v2 licenses.  What you need to know is that I don’t believe there will be an upgrade. You need to install to get to v3.  Which is not too painful though but frustrating.

Migrate homelab NFS storage from Nexenta CE to Nutanix CE
Interesting read from someone who moved from one NFS provider to another.

How to Kill Flash on Your Mac
A good article if you want to remove Flash from your Mac.  And yes, you should probably remove Flash.  Chrome has Flash built in when you need it.

Free eBooks for Windows Administrators
This has some good ebooks for learning about Microsoft technologies.

Create your own iPhone case?
You can create your own phone case using your own 3d printer or use one that the vendor has.  Find out more here.

How William Lam’s daughter almost got an extra vaccine for her birthday
I saw this recently. I used to work with William and like him a lot. And while I do not know his wife or daughter, the article really resonated with me. I am very happy indeed that William’s wife caught the difference. But this article also reminded me of how things have become. We expect someone else to worry about things. We often expect someone else to be responsible for us. This is not a good trend I am seeing. So I am very glad that William’s wife is not falling for that and was aware and asked questions. That is something all of us need to do. Think about it – wouldn’t you like to save your daughter from the pain of an extra needle – much less the issues that the contents of the need might have?  Don’t expect others to do that – take some responsibility for yourself and be aware.

Apple Opens Public Betas of OSX 10.11 El Capitan and iOS 9
I suggest you do not do this with your primary iPhone, iPad, or Mac.  But if you have spare gear I think you will like playing with this beta.    Find out more here.  You can find out more about iOS 9 here and El Capitan here. A first looks review of OS X 10.11 is pretty good.

My vSphere 6.00b upgrade
It went smooth.  I did my vC first and it took a while, and then the client, followed by VUM.  No issues or odd prompts.  Then I did the cluster of VMs.  All good.  I have not done the tools upgrade yet but soon.  Bits – ESXi & vC, release notes.

Please vote for Google Calendar and Contacts to be supported by Outlook
You can find a place to vote here.  Thanks

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