Newsletter: April 12, 2015

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I am still writing to you from Nashua.  Supposed to head home this weekend but instead spend almost the whole thing in the lab.  Exciting times.  It should be done soon and I can head home this week.  But with it so late in the weekend I will be doing a much shorter newsletter then normal.

I have spent some time working lately with one of our partners – Hipskind – and are they ever smart, and good to work with!  I am glad they are partners for us as that will certainly make for happy customers!

BTW, CloudPhysics is now working with my vSphere 6 lab with no issues.  I had issues after I upgraded but they have been cleared up. Good thing!

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5 Step Process for Getting the Best Out of your VMware Support Experience
Michael has done a great job on this article.  If you ever interact with VMware support you best read his article as it is full of great advice.  I would add to it that I use the VMware Support Assistant to do all my interactions save for system down type.  It really helps and speeds things along – of course not if you are using vSphere 6 as that is not supported yet.

Installing VMware vCenter Server Appliance 6.0 VCSA
This article is well done for installing the VCSA – which by now we all now is different in 6.0.  It has been updated to be consistent with the GA code as well.

vCenter Server Appliance Watchdog
This was an interesting article that Duncan has done on this service I know nothing about.  Good education and background info as I don’t plan on using the info for anything.  It makes me think that VMware is trying to make the appliance as reliable and robust as they can.

Whats new in vSphere 6.0 Platform
This document has been updated very recently and has had some corrections.  So if you downloaded it you should do it again!

First vSphere 6 patch
You can see more about the first vSphere 6 patch here and I think it is good to get it installed.  While it is not likely, one of the fixes is to avoid a PSOD.

Subscribe to vGhetto Nested ESXi Template Content Library in vSphere 6
I saw this the same day I was working with the Content Library engineering folks so it was quite a surprise to see.  This is a very cool thing that William has done and it shows a great use case of the Content Library.  I did an article on Content Library as I think it is very important.  However it is not as useful as you might think currently.  But that will change.

Important Issue with Log Insight 2.5
If you have LI issues and it has a failed to start Cassandra error you have company.  I shared out this article before on this issue but someone was hit with it again that I know so it is perhaps more common then I expected.

Automate forwarding of vRealize Operations Manager logs to syslog
A nice explanation, and a nice script to help you automate your syslog configuration by William.

vRealize Operations Manager Content Pack for Log Insight
I shared out recently the fact there was a CP for vR Ops.  It however looked complex to configure but here is a link to a blog article that makes it all simple.  It is very important to note that you should disable your vR Ops syslog forwarding as if not logs will be sent twice since the vR Ops appliance has the Log Insight agent installed.  This will give you access to an amazing CP and so I think this is a good reason to be using 6.0.1 of vR Ops.  If you don’t use the agent the CP will not be as useful.

15 new user experiences revealed in early Apple Watch reviews
I have not bought an Apple Watch, but I will buy likely in the second edition time-frame.  But I am following the whole thing carefully.  I am very happy to hear how well the battery works, and that it survives showers, and it can use wireless for when you leave your phone in a different part of your home or office.  Here is an article on the UX experience which is part of why I am waiting.  My boss has bought one and as a premier geek I am not surprised and I look forward to hearing about how it goes for him. A interesting review can be found here.

Photos for the Mac and IOS
I have spent some time in this new tool – Photos.  It replaces – supposedly – iPhoto and Aperture.  I think it does replace iPhoto and it doesn’t replace Aperture.  If you are a hard core user of Aperture you should think about Lightroom (there is a nice plug-in that can import from Aperture). For me the complaint in Photos is that I cannot set the GEO tag location of a picture but I think that should change soon.  The way I organized in Aperture was with projects, which ended up in Photos in an odd place – iPhoto Events in Albums.  The ones that I care about I right clicked and moved up to the parent level of Albums. A detailed review can be found here.  One thing I have not figured out, and have not read about anywhere, is when can I delete Aperture, and iPhoto to free up space, and is there a way to do that to avoid any issues?

My Mac OSX 10.10.3 Upgrade
This was a very smooth upgrade, and took – on a high speed network connection less then 1 hour.  No issues at all.  Here is some additional info and here is more info as well.

My iOS 8.3 Upgrade
This too went smooth, and part of the reason for me is that I do it through iTunes and I suggest others do that too.  More info on this big release can be found here. I have upgraded iPad Air 2 and an iPhone 6 with no issues.

Something Interesting…. about 1009 errors
I had many months with no 1009 issues. Then I had a few. So I used the process from the article that had me fix the 1009 issue. After that it was a disaster. I could last maybe 3 minutes in the UI, before I lost connection to Web Client service. If I refreshed I would get the 1009 and if I relaunched it worked for a few minutes OK before it happened again. What I am not mentioning is that often the server that held the single VM that was VCSA frequently had memory issues – meaning over subscribed. So the health of the vC was often an alert. I retired that host, and moved the vC to my main cluster with lots of memory, processor etc. I have now gone for two plus hours working in the vSphere Web Client with no issues. Why I am not exactly sure but I though this was good to share.

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